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Arnie Arms

Do you want your arms to like Arnie's? Look no further!

Everyone wants big arms, the trick is to do bicep exercises correctly! Far too many people add arms on the end of their session and don't fatigue them the way they should. They don't trigger a huge muscle growth response and don't see the results they want, which in turn makes them never to train arms again. Do it the right way.

The aim is to increase volume and muscular tension throughout to create a muscle growth response. You will feel an intense pump while the blood shoots into the muscles with energy and fuel to perform the exercise.

Muscle fibres will tear if you utilise the muscle properly and will send the muscles into a fatigued level that we're aiming for!

You want to have no more than 120 seconds rest between each set.

Here is the workout. Add this to your training programme twice a week for the best results.

Arnie Arms

  • Barbell Bicep Curl 4x10

  • Skull Crusher 4x10

  • Bicep Hammer Curl 1x8/10/12 (1x8 reps then 1x10 reps then 1x12 reps)

  • Overhead Tricep Extension 1x8/10/12 (1x8 reps then 1x10 reps then 1x12 reps)

  • Superset (10/20/30 Reps)

  • Spider Curl & Tricep Reverse Push Down

To maximise your results we recommend using two products to help with gaining better biceps and lifting heavier. Creatine that is the number 1 supplement on the market & a whey protein powder such as Optimum Nutrition which is one of the best available. It not only contains protein, it contains BCAA's & Glutamine which are also help towards building muscle and reducing DOMS which is key.


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