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BIT Alliance Dao AMA Transcript

Welcome! Below is the transcript from our AMA with BIT Alliance Dao in our telegram chat.

We hope you enjoy reading what was a fun yet informative AMA with our team. Enjoy!

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:10]

Welcome everyone to another AMA with us, tonight I am delighted to have with me @cyotee @HalseyNews these guys have been in the game for long time & are well respected in the field. Tonight they’ll be talking another one of their projects that they’re revitalising: Bit Alliance Dao! You’re in for a treat, the last AMA with did with them was for NFY and it was a blast!

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:10]

Very excited welcome guys

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:10]

Thank you for having us again.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:11]

[ GIF ]

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:12]

Hey guys great to have you back! We loved the last one but for those that don’t know you.. can you give a brief introduction of yourselves?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:12]


Jamie, [08.04.21 22:12]

Just for our new followers who might not know you guys :)

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:12]

I'm from the old days of the internet. Back before HTTP and the web were a thing.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:13]

Been online for as long as I remember.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:13]

I am shit poster extraordinaire, defi junkie and Business Director for Mimir Solutions

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:13]

And worked n IT my entire life. Left high school to work building computer and networks. Moved into security and software development. And been doing that ever since.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:14]

True veterans of the game :)

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:14]

Messed around in decentralized tech since before BTC came out. And working decen tech and blockchain ever since.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:15]

Yeah, I is old.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:15]

Awesome thanks guys! So you remember the old dial up tone to connect to the internet 😂

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:15]

And I aged in internet years. So it feels ancient.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:15]

Haha, I don't remember dial up sorry guys

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:15]

I'm young at heart

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:15]

Don't want to make you feel old

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:15]

I remember using acoustic couplers because we didn't have peripheral cards.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:16]

Everything makes me feel old.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:16]

[In reply to Halsey English]

This brings us nicely onto one of my questions, can you give us a brief intro into Mimir Solutions, how does this fit into the mix?

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:16]

Mimir Solutions is Cyotee's brainchils

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:17]

and is the driving force in the management of complex defi projects

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:17]


Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:17]


cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:17]

Mimir Solutions is a company I started to provide professional services to decentralized tech projects. Development, marketing, economics, security.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:17]

We're looking to expand to include a legal partner to also provide legal advice.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:17]

Love the experience. It definitely shows.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:17]

Wow the whole shabang! You do it all

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:18]

It is also a staging company for when we build our own countries

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:18]

And It's pretty much what I've been doing for decades in fintech.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:18]

[In reply to Halsey English]

I feel like if anyone could do it, it's probably you guys

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:18]

[In reply to Halsey English]

hush, we don't talk about church stuff here.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:18]

Hence why I said it...🤔

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:19]

Thats great i think this background will help new members to better understand what your about!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:19]

[In reply to Jamie]

One can dream.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:19]

Security basically sums it up.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:20]

So Bit Alliance Dao.... the project were here for tonight. Give us the elevator pitch

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:21]

I will let cyotee go first then I want to add some philosophical points

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:23]

The first completely legal non-KYC venture capital DAO. Accompanied by an ecosystem of distinct products under different brands to support Bit Alliance DAO. This model helps ensure regulatory compliance. And insulates the components of the ecosystem if some problem should arise with one of the products.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:23]

So, there's actually a whole list of products coming along with Bit Alliance DAO.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:24]

That's how NFY fits in, since I'm sure you're about to ask, at some point.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:24]

Well said. We were..

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:24]

Philopsophically there is more to it as well

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:24]

Oh wow so it's similar to a hedgefund?

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:24]

there are many projects out there with solid goals, good communities and positive economics

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:24]

NFY will provide a secure interface as an option for users to easily use the entire ecosystem.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:24]

Yeah, sort of like a hedge fund.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:25]

Venture capital DAO wow

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:25]

but have encountered issues, whether it be a shitty investor, bad code or any other host of problems that prevent them from moving forward

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:25]

Cyotee and I have both been accused of having dramatically large egos

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:25]

but we both see building this thing as building "our" thing

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:26]

meaning a seperate system for people like us

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:26]

But, technically, it's a job posting board with Mimir Solutions as the executor representing DAO token holders to manage the jobs DAO members want to hire people to complete.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:26]

Cyotee put together an idea (I helped a bit)

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:26]

where we could not only rescue those stuck in unprofitable projects because of outside forces

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:27]

and not just make them whole

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:27]

So this can benefit many different sectors essentially

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:27]

but renew their opportunity to thrive and profit

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:27]

Okay thanks for the info but why not start from scratch? Bit Alliance Dao is going to be a migration of DEFHOLD & BPP is that correct?

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:27]

Hence the Bit Alliance is a grouping consolodating multiple tokens being migrated over to BPT our standard bearer

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:28]

Yeah, i got the idea while working on Olympus. Zeus designed a good system. I realzied that with some modifications and and overhaul of the tokenomics it could be a lot more. Since my idea was out of scope for his aims, I went off to do this. It's also based on other projects I've been working on. So this is the realization of the Pantheon / Chains product I've been working on for months. And the $ERIS token I was desgning.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:29]

[In reply to ProReviewCrypto]

Because Bit Alliance already had a vision similar to what we were designing.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:30]

So, known brand, existing partnerships, existing community. And best of all, a chance to help existing holders realize value and recover from some of the problems the other projects have had.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:30]

So, win, win, win all around.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:31]

That makes perfect sense, like you say wins all round especially for the communities getting you guys 😉

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:31]

Shared values is a must, I like it.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:32]

Yeah, most of of folsk in the communities has been great by giving us a chance, and being patient as we get everything in order.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:32]

With regards to the staking issues on DEFHOLD & BPP what has been done to rectify this problem going forward?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:34]

We can't do anything about the current staking contract. i could get into the technical points, but it's basically fucked. So, we're consolidating the $DEFO, $BPP, and $IYF tokens in the $BPT token. Taking holders that wish to go through the migration into staking where we'll end up buying the old tokens from them for $BPT, and migrating the liquidity.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:35]

Then we manage the $BPT token using the new financial instrument we invested. Which will be one of the supporting products with it's own DAO and token. That will be Pantheon.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:36]

Existing holders will end up with $BPT, managed by Pantheon in what we're calling a Mitigated Risk Pool. And the project management service that will be Bit Alliance DAO.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:36]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Okay fair enough! This is obviously something you've thought long and hard about. I love that break down, not only are you providing for new members but your compensating the original members of DEFHOLD & BPP!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:36]

Halsey came up with that name, Mitigate Risk pool.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:37]


ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:37]

Thanks very nice breakdown for everyone!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:37]

[In reply to Jordan]

Exactly. If someone new wants to come in, they can simply buy $DEFO or $BPP on the market and join the migration. Sort of like an extended presale for $BPT.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:37]

Sounds really ambitious and based

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:37]

I don't like to fuck around.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:37]

I feel like we'll need another AMA you guys have so much going on 😂😂

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:38]

If people buy BPP or DEFO now they’ll have to stake them before the migration to receive Bit Alliance in return? Is that correct?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:38]

And Halsey complains that every time I say i have an idea, it turns into a whole project to overhaul economics and financial services.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:38]

Mostly just because I think I'm saying soemthing small, and he explains the scope of what we're designing.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:39]

[In reply to ProReviewCrypto]

yes, that is the process.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:39]

Any time during the migration anyone could go buy $DEFO and $BPP off the market. And stake with us during the migration.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:39]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Math doesn't let small stay small

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:39]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Articulating ideas is very hard imo.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:40]

Will there be a voting process in place for investment decisions and the like?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:40]

[In reply to Jordan]

I know that one. I've tried talking to others about them. Most of the time their eyes glazed over.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:40]

Haha yes i know that feeling too!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:40]

Halsey is just about the only one that can translate.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:41]

My girlfriend being one of them

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:41]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Haha that's becuase your operating on another level!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:41]

This is one of the reasons I'm single.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:41]

[In reply to ProReviewCrypto]

I don't tend to think so. I just get ideas. And never enough time or staff to complete them all.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:42]

Cyotee your Stephen hawking and Halsey is your computer by the sounds of things? 😂

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:42]

That's why we're also kicking off the apprenticeship program from a charity I started.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:42]

Yeah but I sound better

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:42]

Just not enough devs. So we'll teach people.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:43]

Something tells me your mind works better than a computer Halsey.. anyway I digress

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:43]

Can i ask you this again chaps.. Will there be a voting process in place for investment decisions and the like?

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:44]

So with governance it obviously gives a lot of control to the investors, are you guys ever concerned that votes could sway the project in a direction you don't like?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:44]

[In reply to Jordan]

That's the innovative part. And one of the points that makes it regulatory compliant. No voting.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:45]

Besides, democracy is tyranny.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:45]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Okay so lets break this down a bit more..

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:46]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Ahh this answers my question

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:47]

Instead, anyone with $BPT can post a project proposal. They list the scope, and aim of the project, and projected budget. The DAO executor will provide their assessment of feasibility, and how accurate the budget is. Then any other $BPT holder can stake their $BPT to fund the budget. Once the budget target is met, the executor finds a team to get it done. Either going through bids if teams issue them to complete the project. Or working with the team that posted the proposal.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:48]

Then the executor manages the project to get the stakers whatever they're hiring people to complete based on the proposal.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:48]

This is phenomenal

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:48]

That's the primary point that makes it legal. It's not a common enterprise. And you're not investing something that may see value in the future. You're hiring a team to deliver something for you and the other stakers.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:49]

It sounds like it could bring joy both to businesses and those looking for work, very important in a post-pandemic world

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:49]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Wow so how many projects can be created for proposal at one time?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:50]

All depends on how much money is in the Mitigate Risk Pool backing $BPT. And how many people the executor has to manage the projects.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:50]

So much to take in! Revolutionary no? Has anyone done this before? Correct me if im wrong.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:50]


cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:50]

The executor commits to seeing the project to completion, with some provisions for all parties acknowledging the project can't proceed.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:51]

And we can have more then one firm acting as executor.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:51]

So, really, it can handle as many projects as there's funding and staff to handle.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:51]

And no, nothing like this exists.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:52]

I love it, it's genius.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:52]

Some grant programs come close. but most defi grants don't cimmit to delivering a product to their funders, and they don't tend ot manage the projects receiving the grants.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:53]

How far along is the migration? Is there a set date confirmed?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:53]

if a project has a problem, the executor consults the stakers, provides a plan for recovering and continuing, with a timeframe.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:53]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

This was exactly my thoughts when the pin dropped.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:53]

[In reply to ProReviewCrypto]

We were targeting September. But that was mostly because it was going to take that long for all the remaining $DEFO tokens to unlock.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:54]

But given the circumstances, LID was able to unlock all those token now. So we're reevaluating our timeline to see how we can accelerate things.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:55]

Awesome so it sounds like things are moving a lot quicker that expected!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:55]


Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:55]

Which is good because Cyotee was getting bored with nothing to do...

Halsey English, [08.04.21 22:55]


ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:56]

I know a lot of the community want the migration yesterday, the excitement is relentless

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:56]

We got word about the unlock today. Just waiting on the person holding those to wake up to complete transfer.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:56]

And going over out roadmap to see what we can accelerate.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:56]

There will be some pressure from the community for sure!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:56]

Which is why we're starting the apprenticeship program form our charity.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:57]

Thanks for sharing this new info! I'm sure they'll be elated with this

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:57]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Sounds fantastic for all

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:57]

Well, if they're that eager, they can join in. If they need to learn a skill, we'll teach them anything they need, except law. Becuase that has too many regulations to tackle now.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:58]

There's so many questions we could ask! But we must move on, s there anything else you would like before we open the floor to the community?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:58]

But if they want to learn marketing, community management, front-end development, or blockchain development, they can come learn during a paid apprenticeship.

Jamie, [08.04.21 22:58]

[In reply to cyotee doge]


Jamie, [08.04.21 22:58]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

I'd like to apply LOL

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:58]

DM me.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:58]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Teach me, i'm in😂

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:59]

beat me too it jamie lol!

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 22:59]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

And how do people go about this?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 22:59]

I'd prefer Discord, just because it's easier for me to keep track. Bit here will work too. just be patient if you do DM me, it'll take me time to get to all the responses.

Jordan, [08.04.21 22:59]

Be careful what you ask for Cyotee. We have some passionate members haha

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:00]

If you want to do development, we only ask that you have basic coding skills. Complete a basic Javascript site you can show as a sampel of your work.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:00]

Or, for blockchain development, a Solidity project. Or, complete

Jamie, [08.04.21 23:00]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Ah this is where my chances are slipping away

Jamie, [08.04.21 23:00]

But any members of our group! This is a big chance for you all!

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:01]

Well there you have it people.. An AMA and a Job opportunity all in one 🤓

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:01]

Right that was great thanks for providing such clarity, i'll now open the chat for community questions

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:01]

Once you know the basic of Solidity. We'll point you to the build tools we use, hardhat. And get people working.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:01]

Go for it.

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:01]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Can't get better than that im afraid, love it.

Jamie, [08.04.21 23:01]

@HalseyNews @cyotee this project is insane, seriously impressed

elisza Blis, [08.04.21 23:01]

Could you underline some things from the legal side of the project - is this considered as an investment contract as per to SEC from our end or how does it work?

Che Tut, [08.04.21 23:01]

Hi! I looked at your telegram chat room. Very little information at the moment. As I understood you will have 3 tokens: $DEFO, $BPP, $NFY. Isn't it too much for the project? Have you already figured out how you are going to build connection between them so it won't be too complicated?

Captain Price 🎖, [08.04.21 23:01]

Many crypto projects have emerged recently. For this reason, an extreme competitive environment has occurred in the crypto world. Are there any projects that you consider yourself to be rivals? If so, how will you compete with these competitors?

Bian L, [08.04.21 23:01]

What DAO functionality will be embedded in the platform? What decisions will users make and what will it affect? Do you see Bit Alliance as a community project? What percentage of tokens will be held by users?

Digital Worker, [08.04.21 23:02]

How do your wrapped NFTs technically work? Where does the original NFT go after wrap?

Roman Lidu, [08.04.21 23:02]

What problems and challenges does Bit Alliance Dao face now?

BigDATA 📒, [08.04.21 23:02]

It will not be easy for so many projects to provide liquidity. Do you think that the development in the field of DeFi will continue at an accelerated pace? In your opinion, what could be the most important challenge for DeFI? Does your team brainstorm these kinds of issues; How are you preparing for the future?

Wa Zan, [08.04.21 23:02]

What backend is your project using? How many programmers are on your team? Do you have enough developers now, and what opportunities will your platform give to other developers afterwards?

elisza Blis, [08.04.21 23:02]

Instead of simply focusing on the short-term price of the tokens, let's focus on the real long term value the project has to offer. Can you please give us some reasons, motivation or benefits investors would get in the long term?

As Me, [08.04.21 23:02]

You don't have a website, no social media or medium? Maybe you need the help of a community to promote? If so, what could interested people do for you right now?

Ginger X, [08.04.21 23:02]

What are your special differences from other DAO platforms on the market? Do you have a vision for the near future where you could take your place in the market?

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:02]

WOW - I've never seen a quicker response. We had to put a hold to it for just a moment guys, we'll re-open shortly..

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:02]

Wow some great questions guys!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:02]

[In reply to Jamie]

Thank you. We try.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:04]

[In reply to elisza Blis]

No, this would be an employment contract. people that stake to provide the budget for a project are asking the DAO executor to manage a project that hired contractors will develop and deliver. So, it's not an investment, it's a job.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:06]

First, deliver secure, working code. No product, nothing to market. Second, demonstrate value. No better marketing then green candles. After that, it's combination of word of mouth, paid marketing campaigns, and promotional events in coordination with partners, and some charities we're talking to.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:08]

[In reply to Che Tut]

Well, $DEFO and $BPP are being retired. We'll be buying those back from people during the migration, and giving them $BPT. Then draining the liquidity for the retired tokens to consolidate into $BPT. To clarify, $NFY is NOT being retired or migrated But it will be one of the tokens managed by the Mitigated Risk Pool. The MRP is designed to help stabilize the prices, and provide a way for team members with tokens to get the capital they need without having to sell on the market. So, no dumps.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:10]

Which is why we feel we can handle so much. The ecosystem is intended to manage multiple tokens independently. NFY is providing functionality that improves the user experience of the MRP and Bit Alliance DAO. We also have partnerships with some other projects that see value in what we're building for their own projects. So they'll be joining us. We also have a whole consulting firm of developers we're negotiating to contract to help handle this.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:12]

[In reply to Captain Price 🎖]

Some. I'll be picking fights saying this, but fuck it. Yeah, Assure, and Enreach are competitors. We think their attempts to use different solutions to be regulatory compliant will hold them back. And how development of platforms that work together to provide an ecosystem will give us a competitive edge.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:12]

Add in the relationships we have with other teams, I think we have the edge.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:13]

And maybe Andre is the only guy active ind efi with as much project management experience as I have. Been doing this since I was 20. And it's actually smaller then most of the projects I've managed. So , pretty sure we got this.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:15]

[In reply to Bian L]

it will be divided between different, complimentary platforms. But yes, the DAO functionality will be embedded. Real governance. Not that bullshit you see on Snapshot where your votes don;t have any actual effect on code.

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:16]

Some brilliant questions here! I just want to say a big thank you for tuning in. While Cyotee is systematically answering these questions.. if you’d like to check our website you’ll find some more good reading:

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:16]

it's all community projects. They either run on auto-pilot, so don't need governance. Or will be controlled in the code. But even then, I dislike coting and that sort of control. So we'll be eliminating as much as possible.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:18]

Technically, all tokens will be held by users. The MRP maintains a reserve. But the tokens in the vault provide a backing to circulating tokens. So, technically, those belong to the users. And Mimir get's paid as the executor. Since you would be paying to get work done, we don't need tokens now.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:19]

[In reply to Digital Worker]

Wrapping just means that the a contract holds the wrapped token. So the original doesn't go anywhere. Just like WETH holds a balance of ETH. Our NFT wrappers just hold the wrapped token. And the wrapper lets you interact with the wrapped token. ERC20, or NFT.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:20]

[In reply to Roman Lidu]

Staff. We'll always need more devs. Everyone does. Not enough people know how to code. And even fewer can work professionally on a project.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:23]

[In reply to BigDATA 📒]

We do think about problems, a lot. That's why we haven't released much until now. Need to work out the problems and solutions before we release code. As for the liquidity issue, this sector is just starting. There's a lot of room to grow. The liquidity will come. And, that why we have the MRP. it provides liquidity with it's token, to help supplement the liquidity for projects. Also mitigates price fluctuations so there's not as much risk getting into a new project launched through the MRP ecosystem.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:25]

[In reply to Wa Zan]

We mostly use Ethereum, and L2, and IPFS for our systems. If something does need traditional servers, I plan on using Openshift and Docker to run whatever servers or databases that might be needed. For example, Rug RADAR will need containers to run it's analysis.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:28]

[In reply to elisza Blis]

Do you want to help invent the future? Because the whole aim is to make it easier to start, and fund successful projects. Easier for teams to find funding and the support they need. And easier for people to help fund projects and more reliably see a successful delivery. With an executor overseeing the project, and being entrenched in the team to ensure DAO interests are represented we should be able to eliminate rugs, and mitigate the risk of failure from drama and other bullshit.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:29]

[In reply to As Me]

I've specifically held off on publishing much until we have working demos of the code. I see a lot of defi being built on promises. I want to set the standard that we see working code demos, not just hopes and dreams of what could be.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:29]

As for Mimir Solutions not having a site. Haven't needed one. We have a waiting of projects that want to work with us.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:30]

[In reply to Ginger X]

Same position as companies like Red Hat software, or Accenture. But in defi.

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:30]

Just had a little chuckle to myself at the level of knowledge you guys have. Blows me away.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:31]

I have been doing this most of my life.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:31]

Well thank you for those answers & thank you to the community for such a great set of questions!

Celty Crypto, [08.04.21 23:31]

Awesome Ama guys

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:31]

Literally working as a software and security consultant while others were partying in college.

Celty Crypto, [08.04.21 23:31]

some really nice, informed questions there

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:31]

And fuck college. Don't go.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:31]

If you'd like to choose a winner for the $200 Prize @cyotee

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:32]

Oh, I'm terrible at that.

Jamie, [08.04.21 23:32]

@HalseyNews @cyotee wonderful having you guys been a pleasure again

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:32]

You do it. Which question do you think was the most helpful to the community?

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:32]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Why go when they could be an apprentice of yours ; )

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:33]


Jordan, [08.04.21 23:33]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Okay if your sure..

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:33]

I learned on the job. It seems to have worked out well.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:33]

I am sure

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:33]

[In reply to Jordan]


Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:33]

You pick

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:33]

I hate doing stuff like that.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:33]

Then send me the wallet address of the winner in DM

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:34]

[In reply to Wa Zan]

This one.

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:34]

Congratulations @wazann

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:34]

[ 👏 Sticker ]

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:34]


ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:35]

I'll open the chat now for you guys to answer any more questions if you have time

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:35]

Thanks again everyone

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:35]

I have to run

Che Tut, [08.04.21 23:35]

Nice AMA

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:35]

but this was awesome, as usual

Rockstar Buff, [08.04.21 23:35]

@cyotee how many projects are you involved in ?

Bian L, [08.04.21 23:35]


cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:35]

And, again, if anyone is interested in work, DM me. Just be patient. I'll be backing to everyone that expresses interest in time. And take that time to complete a sample project or at least complete

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:35]

Thanks @HalseyNews

D C, [08.04.21 23:36]

Thanks guys! $NFY for the win!

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:36]

Yeah I was about to say. You guys did a brilliant job. Thanks so much again! We know your very very (very) busy!

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:36]

If you also DM me I can make sure you get on the list for consideration

Wa Zan, [08.04.21 23:36]

Thank you so much! It was very informative!

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:36]

[In reply to Halsey English]

Thank you.

Marcus, [08.04.21 23:36]

If someone buys DEFO now, will that get added to their DEFO which is being migrated over?

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:37]

You're all very welcome. Thank you for having us. But, I do need to get back to work.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:37]

[In reply to Marcus]

All $DEFO and $BPP will be migrated.

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:37]

[In reply to Marcus]


cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:37]

Basically it's a presale for $BPT where we'll only accept $DEFO, $BPP, and $IYF.

Marcus, [08.04.21 23:39]

Ok, thanks. I was one of the EWF fucked participants. I just wanted to add to the DEFO that migrates. Appreciate the response fellas.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:41]

[In reply to Marcus]

Go for it.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:41]

The more people that buy now, the more liquidity we'll be able to migrate into $BPT later.

cyotee doge, [08.04.21 23:43]

Back to work for me. DM me, and be patient if you need anything else.

Marcus, [08.04.21 23:43]

[In reply to cyotee doge]

Aight Captain

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:43]

or DM me if you need anything as well, better to leave cyotee alone

Halsey English, [08.04.21 23:44]

We need him to do the Stephen Hawking thing

Jamie, [08.04.21 23:44]

Thank you very much guys

D C, [08.04.21 23:50]

These guys are really something else....really deep respect!

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:52]

[In reply to Halsey English]


Rockstar Buff, [08.04.21 23:53]

can someone tell me what $BPT is ?

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:53]

Bit Alliance Dao

Rockstar Buff, [08.04.21 23:54]

is it a token ?

ProReviewCrypto, [08.04.21 23:54]

Yes mate

Rockstar Buff, [08.04.21 23:54]

where can i get it ?

Jordan, [08.04.21 23:55]

[In reply to Rockstar Buff]

Hey! If you read above.. there is a whole AMA on the subject. Lots of your questions and many more have just been answered, check it out 🤓👍

Rockstar Buff, [08.04.21 23:56]

[In reply to Jordan]

I did but couldnt find info on it, was it mentioned where I can get it?

ProReviewCrypto, [09.04.21 00:00]

What your best doing is acquiring DEFO or BPP as when the migration happens you'll recieve more BPT than if you buy it directly

ProReviewCrypto, [09.04.21 00:03]

ProReviewCrypto, [09.04.21 00:03]

[In reply to Rockstar Buff]

That's where you can get hold of DEFHOLD

ProReviewCrypto, [09.04.21 00:04]

Jordan, [09.04.21 00:06]

[In reply to D C]

Certainly are.. a great double act!

Rockstar Buff, [09.04.21 00:09]

thanks guys

ChongQing Alleycat, [09.04.21 00:12]

awesome AMA. Happy i found the project!

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