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Cathor - The Blockchain Beast! The Exclusive Gem You Can't Even Buy!

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We held this poll see which suggestion from our community would come out on top. The Cathor community came out in force & battled all the way to the end for victory. One of the key things of any project is a strong community & wow Cathor have one of the strongest we have seen!

Without further ado, here is our article on the victor of our poll.... Cathor! $CTHOR

So we came across Cathor because of Hathor, if you haven't read our article on Hathor you can check it out here, doing so will help you better understand why Hathor is going to be a game changer in the future & why Cathor, the community coin of Hathor is something you'll want to earn right now!

So as we've stated Cathor is the first meme coin on the Hathor Network & it was created from the strong community of Hathor Network believers. They believe that a strong community is necessary for the growth and mass adoption of Hathor & we completely agree! They also believe that members of the community should be rewarded for their efforts in spreading the word about Hathor (as well as Cathor) while also having fun! Which is primarily why it was created; to reward investors who are actively trying to promote the growth of and exposure to the Hathor Network and ecosystem.

So you can't buy CTHOR!

Yes that's right. You can only earn it through promoting Cathor & Hathor. It's Genius. Who knows maybe they'll be listed one day but right now it isn't making this coin highly exclusive!

You only get in the club if you're a solid member.

The following is a list of possible ways to earn CTHOR, but simply completing most tasks does not guarantee a payment. You must be both an active Hathorian/Cathorian and bring positive vibes to the community.

Here is a link to the fan art that their community has already made: this community is incredible, they showcase their support with creativity, positivity & determination. With a fan base like this they're set to succeed.

They state that this list is not all inclusive & that many other acts of Hathor Network kindness will be rewarded as they see fit. So for being an active member, promoting the project you love, you'll earn rewards! What an intuitive idea! How many of you do this with no rewards for other coins? Probably all of you! More reason to spend your energy doing it for Cathor.

Please note they recommend that if you are accumulating multiple transactions of CTHOR that you use the same address to join and ascend the ranks of the Cathor social wealth pyramid.

Just something to mention. Cathor has the full backing of Hathor behind it & Yan the lead developer of Hathor can be seen In this video minting the coin & paying the 1% minting fees for Cathor!

Let's look at the token specs.

Token: CTHOR

Network: Hathor Network

Total Supply: 30,000

Dev Team: 1,500

Hathorswap Liquidity 3,000

Free to Supporters 25,000

Post Hathor Swap listing rewards 500

The beauty of this project is that anyone can get involved and earn if they put in the time & effort! You don't need to be a tech genius or a graphic designer, you could simply be an active community member that tweets & helps out newcomers to the group! Obviously you can't do one tweet and expect a reward, you need to prove you're a strong community member & if you are this won't go unnoticed! Don't forget there will only ever be 30,000 available & once the 25,000 have been distributed to the community they aim to be listen on Hathor Swap.

Here's is a statement from their website regarding the Hathor Swap listing:

Circumstances permitting, Cathor Coin will be listed on Hathorswap once the 25,000 CTHOR have been distributed with a 500 CTHOR for rewards after the Hathor swap listing. The 3,000 reserved CTHOR will be used for liquidity. The CTHOR/HTR pair will be opened by the Hathor team and the Cathor community will donate all resulting LP rewards to the Hathor team to use for rewards, contests, and promotion of the Hathor Network.

There is a golden opportunity here to be part of something huge & to earn something that's lucrative & could be extremely valuable. Will you own any CTHOR? Do you have what it takes?

Here is a beginners guide to Cathor if you haven't used the Hathor network. It's super simple.

We hope you enjoyed the article! For more gems like this join our telegram group:

This is not financial advice & we recommend you always do your own reading on any project no matter where you hear about it.

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