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Circuits Of Value - Tradeable Portfolios, Turn Any Token Into a Privacy Token, Unlimited Potential

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What is Circuits Of Value?

Circuits Of Value has a live platform right now called Emblem Vault where you can add your holdings.

Let’s break this down a little bit further, as I found it confusing at first. Firstly, let’s start with Emblem Vault as this is the main utility of the platform.

Emblem vault is a storage mechanism firstly. You can store pretty much anything in your vault - a windows licence, a StarBucks gift card, an NFT, a token (on any chain) and even LP tokens are planned. So, it’s a place to store things, ok. But what’s the value of this?

The value comes from the fact that the vault itself can be traded, or even staked in the future. Imagine you could trade your entire portfolio in one transaction, essentially making any number of transactions in one.

Staking brings a very interesting use case - fill your vault with all your LP tokens and then stake the vault - insane possibilities.

It gets better however. Apart from just being a mechanism of storage, vaulting your tokens brings an extra use case - privacy. We see privacy tokens going through massive growth recently (Monero, ZCash, Dash, PIVX). Now any token can become a privacy token simply by adding it to your vault. As you trade the vault, because the token inside the vault never gets transacted (only the vault itself), it means it never moves, which means it is about as private as it can get.

Behind the scenes, your entire Emblem Vault is actually an NFT. This means that when you create a vault, you are creating an NFT, and when you add holdings into it, you are adding them into the NFT vault. Genius, right?

Dual Token Economy

Emblem Vault is a dual token economy. Meaning, you have one token ($COVAL) which is used for utility on and off-platform, and one token ($FUEL) which is the platform-only coin and is used for discounts on things, and more of the “fun” use cases.

$COVAL is the one we are interested in as it is the token used to create vaults, and is the one with utility both on and off platform. The tokenomics of $COVAL are deeply linked to the platform. Firstly, buying pressure will be maintained because you need to spend $COVAL to create vaults. Secondly, $COVAL will be deflationary due to a few different mechanics:

  1. All Coval spent for making vaults will be burned. Meaning, the burn rate increases as the platform is used, creating exponential rarity and a beautiful growth curve.

  2. The Liquidity Pool functions to also burn $COVAL - On a withdrawal, 10% of the ETH withdrawn will be used to buy $COVAL from the market and burn it.

This creates a super deflationary protocol and accelerates the growth curve of $COVAL as the platform is used.

Just before I move off the token side of things, I also just want to add that the team is exploring staking utilities for $COVAL also, and have already done some initial users tests to gather data for this feature.

Use Cases

So now that we have a broad understanding of what the platform is and how it will function, let’s think about use cases.


The Coval team has partnered with two marketplaces:

The integration is enabling a very interesting feature for the platform - “Embed” assets - this allows users to create embedded 3d NFT’s, interactive NFT’s, music NFT’s.

I can see many platforms being built on top of Emblem Vault that take the concept of trading a portfolio and building entire exchanges on top of it. No longer will it be only possible to buy one coin in a transaction, but many. This could save on Gas fees while also offering complex trades in a single transaction. Why buy one token when you can buy a portfolio with some NFT’s thrown in?


As mentioned, the Emblem Vault can turn any coin into a privacy coin. Why would we even need dedicated privacy coins then? This alone is a case for huge growth potential.


Need somewhere safe to store your tokens, codes, cards, NFT’s? Emblem Vault is a one-stop shop offering secure, private, encrypted storage of high value digital assets.

Roadmap - Upcoming

Q1: Quickswap (Matic/Polygon Uniswap clone) LP Event

Q1: integration into Emblem Vault (Sending of vaults directly using social media logins)

Q2: Binance Smart Chain (Emblem Vault can quickly and easily support any EVM chain)

Q2: Emblem Vault Staking (Stake a vault receive rewards based on value inside)

Q2: Emblem Fuel Defi token

Q3: Secret Contract finalization

Q3: NFT 2 NFT Swap

To conclude, I believe $COVAL to be completely undervalued. The development team has already delivered something groundbreaking, and there is a lot more in the pipeline. I don’t think people realise yet the potential this project actually has.


As always, do your own research before investing. This article is not financial advice, and any opinions therein are those of the author.

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