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Don't be a mouth breather.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In this short article I am going to give you a snippet of information that has the ability to change your life for the better if you act upon it. We are going to talk about something that most people do which is inhibiting their performance and detrimentally affecting their health. Most people reading this will fall into this category which is why we feel it is so important to get this information out there.

So what is it? Nasal breathing.

I bet you're sat there thinking, breathing? I know how to breathe, I've been doing it everyday of my life! But the fact is, if you predominantly breathe through your mouth then you are doing it wrong, period. 25-50% of most people habitually breathe through their mouth.

Nasal breathing offers serious physiological advantages that everybody can make use of.

The list is extensive and each one I could have a full page to itself. So I'm going to list them below and amplify on some of the key points. If you would like to learn the finer detail I urge anyone to buy James Nestor's book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.


  • Great for parasympathetic response

  • Increases circulation

  • Increasing tolerance for CO2

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Relieves stress

  • Triggers different hormones to flood into our bodies

  • Helps restore memories

  • Helps monitor heart rate

  • Balanced respiration maintains a steady PH

  • Increases oxygenation thus increases your vitality and energy

  • Slowing down your breath through your nose elicits the body’s sympathetic nervous system which reduces hypertension and stress

  • The tiny hairs in the nostrils condition the air and remove particulates

  • The nose and sinuses humidify and warm or cool the air depending on what is required so the air matches your own body temperature.

  • When you breathe through the nose, the body produces nitric oxide which fights off pathogens and viruses. (Nitric Oxide has been used to treat Sars and is currently being used in Covid-19 treatment)

  • Stops sleep apnoea which starves the brain from oxygen.

  • Breathing through the mouth can also contribute to more dehydration in the athlete

People who have studied nasal breathing believe that this is the way that our bodies maintain balance, because when we breathe through our right nostril, circulation accelerates & the body gets hotter, cortisol levels rise, blood pressure rises & breathing through the left will relax us more. So blood pressure will lower, lowers temperature, cools the body, reduces anxiety as well. Our bodies are naturally doing this all of the time when we nose breath. And when we breathe through our mouths, we're denying our bodies the ability to do this.

One key piece of information that stood out to me was that when breathing through your mouth your lungs do have to work harder at accessing the oxygen in the air versus using your nose.

Next time you watch professional athletes at the top of their game just have a look at their mouths, you will notice that their mouth is closed most of the time. High performers at the top of their game have been taught to breathe only through their nose to better their athletic performance through higher levels of oxygenation & calming their nerves.

MBS (Mouth Breathing Syndrome)

Mouth Breathing Syndrome is stated when someone primarily inhales and exhales from their mouth and is considered an abnormal respiratory function. Many are unaware of the negative effects of mouth breathing syndrome which can lead to changes in head tongue position which in turn has further negative effects such as a deviated septum & the tongue resting in the lower jaw causing a forward head position. Every inch forward of head posture increases the weight of the head on the spine by approx. 10lbs 5, creating a heavy load on cervical joints induced by poor postures.

Most people breathe at 10-20 percent of their full capacity. Restricted breathing greatly decreases respiratory function, which in turn decreases energy levels in the body. Exhalation is the main way we remove toxins from our bodies, poor breathing can contribute to a multitude of health problems, from high blood pressure to insomnia. Poor breathing may even contribute to some forms of cancer as found in a 1931 study by Otto Warburg who won a Nobel prize for finding that oxygen starved cells will mutate and become cancerous.

How to stop mouth breathing?

If you are a habitual mouth breather it won't be a quick fix, you are going to have to consciously think about breathing through your nose alongside other techniques.

Concentrate daily on breathing through your nose with deep and long breaths Avoid shallow breathing. The more you use your nose the easier it will become & soon you won't need to think about it.

At night when you go to bed use mouth tape lightly across your lips which will encourage you to only breathe through your nose. Don't use black tape or completely block your mouth, it is just a reminder for your unconscious to nose breath rather than use your mouth while you sleep.

Try sleeping on your side as well as using tape, sleeping on your back only encourages you to breath through your mouth.

If you find it really hard to breathe through your nose invest in some nasal dilators, they are inexpensive and help keep you nostrils open that will allow you to breathe more easily through your nose. You won't need them forever, after continual use of nose breathing you will actually change the shape of bones in your face and you nasal airways will open up. This device will just help you at the start. Link below.

That was a brief intro into some of the benefits of nasal breathing and the horrific negatives that mouth breathing does to us.

Like I said earlier I urge everyone one of you to read into this further and take a look at the experts such as James Nestor. There is so much to be learnt from these people that can and will change your life and athletic performance. I recommend the following books to give you a better more in depth understanding.


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