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Function Island - Our Hidden Treasure

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

On our continual search for gems we have come across this beauty... Function Island, led by the Island Chiefs & the Almighty Mr FUNCTION.

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Now back to the Island......

So what is it?

Function Island is a project and platform, building Dapps and games on the TRON blockchain. Started in late 2020 by a group of people who have grown tired of the current Dapp scene on TRON, the island has already seen some great traction.

Probably the largest attraction to Function Island thus far, is the “D1VS Game” — the hourglass.

Okay, tell me more...

D1VS Game is powered by an hourglass contract, inspired by the likes of “P3D”, “P3C” and other “Proof of Weak Hands” based games, but with a difference: The tokens in the D1VS ecosystem will ALWAYS have value, thanks to the “Pricefloor” smart contract. For those who don’t know, an hourglass contract consists of buying and selling a token, with somewhat of a fee on every buy, sell and transfer (which is proportionately distributed between all existing units of the hourglass’ token).

Simply, a special contract given some D1VS on deployment (which were contributed from the developer’s own personal funds), can only earn Dividends and reinvest — it can never sell, transfer, destroy or liquidate its D1VS. This has the effect of, Pricefloor being the “last player” — if everyone were to sell out, even the last human player would get something for their D1VS.

This feature generated some HUGE momentum, propelling D1VS from a starting price of about 1 TRX each, all the way up to over 23 TRX each — a whopping swing which occurred in a matter of just 3 days!

Presently, the Pricefloor contract holds over 2218 D1VS, valued at (time of writing) over 12k of TRX, locked in the contract, to ensure value for all!

D1Vs’ price fluctuates with the number of BUY/SELL transactions costing a 10% Fee each time which facilitates the D1VS Holders to get Dividends ultimately from it depending upon the number of D1VS each user holds.

Dividends are distributed to the Holders in the form of TRX. We can also Send/Receive D1VS to different TRX wallet addresses.

Function Island (FI) is intended to be a foundation of life span and benevolent shared development. New Dapp and game thoughts are continually being investigated! They have a great community and always take on board recommendations from their followers.

When I say we have merely scratched the surface with Function Island, I mean it! Not to mention the new Dapps in the pipeline. Sadly we cannot share what they're working on......yet. So stay in touch for an update!

Right now anything hitting BSC is flying & guess what, Function Island was listed on BSC yesterday! As you all know by now, getting in early is the best way to ensure you make a good ROI, with this comes risk as you're unsure if the team is legit, has vision, if the project is unique and the list goes on...... and on....From our research it's safe to say this is a solid project! The foundations are built from stone. The team has a great vision, a unique product (that works), a tight community of islanders & a strong Dev that showcases his passion.

Let's talk about passion for a second, for us this is the most important thing. If someone isn't passionate then the project will die....quickly. Someone with passion will stick with their ideas regardless of criticism & nay sayers. Bare this In mind when you're on the search yourself. When you're investing invest in the person creating the project, take a look at them. The Dev at Function Island has an abundance of passion & belief which inspired us to write this article! You're in safe hands here folks.

If you've been around crypto for a while you may be thinking you've seen this all before blah blah WAIT. Function island isn't just bringing Hourglass to BSC, alongside it is “Gauntlet Mode”!

Gauntlet Mode is a special smart contract which enables anyone to: — Create a Gauntlet and set a number of days until it “unlocks” — Deposit BNB into it, which actually buys B1VS and locks them inside! — Earn dividends (and reinvest or withdraw them) with their Gauntlet! The only things you cannot do until the time is up is sell or transfer the B1VS within — those are held on tight by that iron grip you created.

Also in their arsenal they have an Ad Space feature, Privacy-Friendly On-Chain Advertising!

How Adspace Works

Adspace is a smart contract which enables Function Island to host privacy-friendly, image-title-text-and-link style advertising on the Function Island family of websites and domains. These "Adspaces" can be bought by anyone, for a starting rate of 2,000 TRX per day. Fill in the details, pay the fees and it's yours for the selected term! Once the paid term is finished, the Adspace defaults back to our own message, readying the space for hire once again!

I hope you enjoyed this brief intro into the Island, to us this is a true gem that is set for a bright future. The question is, will you be making your way to the Island or will you be the one wishing you had?

We must stress that this is not financial advice and please do your own reading.

To see our new findings first, join our telegram group! Here we will share our articles, host AMA's & will be a place for you to discuss your own gems.

Here are some useful links that may be helpful for Function Island.

Function Island Telegram:


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