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Go & invest in yourself. Don't think about doing it.

Investment is one topic that you all have heard by many management gurus. You google the word investment and you'll get to see many articles, videos on investment but most of them are related to the investment of money to double it. You'll get rare videos or articles related to investment on yourself.

Don't worry. I'm here to discuss this topic of investing in yourself.

There is a phrase, "Good mind, good health leads to a good life." I completely agree with it and I am sure that you all will agree to this. What if I don't have a healthy mind and health? All the money that I've earned will be of no use & will be used for my treatment. I would like to share one true incident from my own life.

If you guys have checked my profile, I've mentioned briefly about me. I have worked in the BPO Industry for a very long time. The main requirement in the BPO industry is flexibility with working hours as most of them run 24/7. I used to work mostly in night shift. There was no specific time for it. One month I used to do morning, then afternoon, evening, night and late night too. Change in shift timings has lead to a change in my lifestyle, my eating habits and my sleeping pattern too. After working for long hours I used to have no energy left in me for cooking and having my food on time. Days passed. I was losing my weight. But soon I realized that I am developing a problem of low haemoglobin count. One day, I fall sick and later on, I consulted a doctor. He gave me a huge prescription for getting some tests done and a re-visit. I got shocking reports. I was asked to take medicines and proper food. Now, whatever I have earned went on my treatment. So, I decided that going from here, I will never compromise on my health at all. Slowly I recovered and was back on track.

I don't blame my industry and my job for this. It was me who created the problem.

Similarly, a successful person makes sure that he always has good and sound health. He will never compromise on it. According to me, there are different type of investments to become successful in life. An honest investor always follows the below-mentioned principles.

  • Invest in yourself.

  • Invest in people with a positive mind frame.

  • Look for better investment options.

Let's elaborate them one by one.

Invest in yourself. A lot of time you have read that there was this guy who was very successful but all of a sudden he got hospitalized due to XYZ disease and he is really in a bad shape. The year 2020 has given a very clear lesson to all of us. Health comes first. Initially, people didn't take the security measures advised by the health ministries and went out in the market to earn money as they found it a potential time to expand their business or work. But they didn't realize that they were playing with their life. Once they were found Corona Positive, they were asked to get quarantined for 2 weeks and a few cases were hospitalized too. Few of them recovered and few of them unfortunately, lost their life. They forgot that if they will be safe, their family will be safe and money and prosperity can definitely be earned back. "If you are alive you can do anything or everything."

So, it's very important to invest in yourself. If yo don't invest in yourself, then you will not gain success in your own life.

For example: - If I talk about Mr. Mukesh Ambani. He is one of the top-notch businessmen in the world. He is badly occupied with his work. But out of his busy schedule, he always makes sure that he does exercise everyday to take care of his health. He eats clean and healthy food to stay energetic throughout the day. That's why he is so successful.

So, make sure that you follow the first step.

Invest in people with a positive mind frame. If you'll have sound health. You'll be able to make a sound call that what type of circle you want to be in? Would you like to be surrounded by negative people or people with a positive mind frame. Negative people will always keep on dragging you back. They will never let you do better in life. Very common work is from our life. How many of you remember the first time you lied and your parents caught your lie. You had to go through a tough time. Parents were annoyed and gave you a lecture. In school, your teacher punished you for telling a lie. During the parent's teacher meet your teacher asked your parents to change his friend's circle. As per them, you lied because you learnt it from your friends. It's just an example. Later on, you sitting was changed in the classroom. Your parents never allowed you to go alone to the park. They have started keeping an eye on you and your friends.

There is another interesting example. Most of us would have seen this television serial called "Mahabharat" in our childhood and if not then we would have seen it during lockdown on our national channel. You all must have seen the story of "Karna". He was mentally and physically very strong, but due to his bad influencing circle. He was fighting for the bad but he was loyal. Knowingly, he fought. He was always misguided and as a result, he lost his life. During his training, he lied to his guru for which he was cursed by his guru too. On the other hand, Arjun had deep faith in Lord Krishna. Krishna always showed him the right direction and not only him, he showed the path to all pandavas and finally, they won the battle.

The above examples clarify how easily you got influenced by others. Friends, our mind does exactly what we see? What we store from our surrounding, we do the same. A lot of youngsters starts smoking because of the bad influencing circle they are surrounded by. A good friend or people with a positive mind frame will never encourage you to do so. As a result, this show off style gets converted into addiction and later on, we get the returns in form of diseases. So, it's very important to choose the right choice of people. Now the question arises How?

Very simple. Always be honest to yourself first. Anything you heard from your friends always try to analyse it on your own. If not, then take help from your parents. You will say that I can't discuss it with my friends. Believe me, your parents will never give you the wrong guidance. They always think about your safety and a bright future. They will definitely guide you. Even, if you are not comfortable with it, there would be one friend with whom you share everything. Share it with him. He may be able to give you good guidance. If not at all, then do one simple activity. Develop a habit of reading good books. It will give you clarity. If not, then read small articles like the one I'm writing now or read articles from my book, jeet mantra or magicalphrases etc.

You will never regret after having a circle of people with a positive mind frame. They are your real investment you'll learn a lot from them which will help you ultimately in leading a successful life.

Look for better investment options. Now, this third principle can be used for both financial as well achieving something you've been dreaming for. With the help of good guidance from good friends, you will invest your money from where you'll get good returns. They will always tell you about their experience and their experience will help you a lot.

I still remember one incident. There was one team member of mine. In order to earn extra money, he was influenced by the wrong set of people and he put his money in bating during the world cup. He initially won few amounts and it increased his greed. He invested for more and then he lost all of sudden. Now he was under huge debt. He was completely ruined with this. He never thought and now he had to pay huge money to the guys. He stopped coming to work all of a sudden. Then I got to know that he was beaten badly by those guys and they have taken his bike and a few household things too.

This is a real story. He picked up the incorrect investment option and that too under the influence of the wrong set of people with a negative mindset. Ultimately, he paid for it. There was another guy who always used to spend little amount by purchasing bonds, small deposits etc. In today's date, he owns his flat in a metro city and living a very good life. He is getting the return of the good investment he did in the past.

I hope, now you've understood the meaning of an Honest Investor.


"Invest in yourself. Invest in people with a positive mindset and you'll get very good returns from it."

All the best!




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