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How to Overcome Self-Doubt

It is evident that learning how to overcome self-doubt and fear is one of the hardest challenges we may encounter in life. Just how good is our performance depends a lot on how much confidence we have in ourselves because insecurity is an unusual kind of inner torture that can sneak easily in.

Therefore, how do you overcome the doubts, uncertainties, and fears that are overwhelming your thoughts? What can you do to believe in yourself to achieve more? How can you conquer the self-doubt that is holding you back from succeeding?

Self-doubt is a place where we have all been but, each of us handles it differently. Doubt and fear are hard to control and usually creep in deep within our mind. A wrong decision, a mistake or even a little failure make you hesitate and question your abilities. Next thing you know, you have a lack of confidence.

When you start a business or have a concept, self-doubt often crawls in while you begin to both comparing yourself to those who succeeded before you and being crushed by the idea of how much work you have to put in. At that point, you even begin to think that there is no way you will ever be able to make it as successful people have.

But success is getting the courage to move in the direction of your dreams and on the path that your heart is taking you. Never mind if you are not making it exactly like others before you have. You have to understand that self-doubt is not a rational behavior and you can go beyond it.

A Fact about Self-Doubt

"Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." - Suzy Kassem

None of us will ever be completely free of doubts. Everyone, no matter how successful, fights with it sometimes. But self-doubt can become a self-fulfilling prediction if you let it take over. You may have tried in the past to achieve some goal and decided to abandon because you faced an apparently impossible wall, but you should not give up.

It is just how life is! Goals get you out of the comfort zone, bring you into new territory and take you head-on with your doubts and fears. The concern here is not about how to escape self-doubt or fear, but how to make constructive choices that improve your self-confidence while uncertainties are present.

Too many people give up on their dreams due to self-doubt, uncertainty, lack of confidence and fear.

Going Beyond Self-Doubt and Fear

Almost all successful people have confessed they had to fight self-doubt every single day. Doubt is so toxic that it holds back countless of people from achieving beautiful things. And fear is not at all who you are, but rather a feeling that you are going through, an experience.

If you are trying to avoid doubt or fear, it does not make them go away. When you ignore these feelings, it does not make them any less painful, and if you look the other way, it does not make them vanish into thin air.

Therefore, take a deep breath. And realize that even if you are having doubts or a profound fear reaches you, you still need to take action. Stop self-doubt from overwhelming you and take the required steps to move forward in accomplishing your goals.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

How to remove doubts on the spot is always easier said than done. But below are ways so you can start overcoming self-doubt to achieve the things you have always desired.

Remove Wrong Words

You have to remove any words that seem wrong from your vocabulary. The terms, phrases, and words you use to talk to yourself have the power to blow your confidence away. Those incorrect words are often untrue.

So, eliminate and skip words such as "never," "always," "can't," "no one," "if," or "should." You will then notice how your frame of mind and self-doubt begin to change for better.

Identify Self-Doubt

You have to identify doubts which are not an easy thing to do. You might have a great idea to create a business, a website, or even an app. Yet, you might brush it off by thinking that you cannot just quit your job to jump into something else. You have a family and a loan to pay. And who will pay the bills?

Of course, there are always risks. But if you do not believe that you can be successful, guess what, you won't. So, next time you push an idea aside, sincerely think if it is self-doubt or reality that sneaked in.

Get a Dose of Inspiration

Get inspired by listening to podcasts, viewing videos, reading books, and watching movies which are optimistic. It can help you overcome any of your doubts and fears. You might also feel empowered to take action.

You can also discover some great speakers and mentors to listen to. Turn to these guys when you lack self-confidence.

Overcome Self-Doubt

Dumber people have succeeded also. You have to remind yourself that you are a capable and smart person. The reason is that there are people in this world who have achieved bigger things with less knowledge, tools, chances, and experience than you have.

You have to remind yourself that people with less advantage than you became successful. No dream or idea of yours is impossible or even unmanageable. Most of the time, the barrier you need to overcome is self-doubt.

Focus on Previous Achievements

As you wake up or during the day, are you focusing on the negative like the failures you have experienced? Or on the positive such as the victories you have achieved?

It is important because recent studies revealed that how you remember your past defines how you think about yourself today. Your thoughts about yourself have a huge impact on whatever actions you take afterwards and how well they turn out for you.

Look for Feedback

It is always good to seek feedback from others. To have a conversation with those who support you and are around you about your skills and abilities can end self-doubt right on the spot.

And above all, getting feedback helps you see both the positive and negative aspects of your abilities. As a result, you can improve some of the necessary skills.

Be aware of Doubt from Others

Self-doubt is already hard to deal with, but doubts coming from other people are just painful. When you realize that you start to get more confidence in yourself and your abilities, you might notice other people around you, often closer than you think who project their self-doubt on you.

They will undoubtedly try to shoot down your dreams or even find reasons why you should not pursue them. But let me tell you to act on your ideas anyway.

Celebrate Small Wins

At any time you are stuck in the depths of self-doubt, it consumes you. Even if in reality, it is not real, you make it accurate and turn it into a big deal in your mind. It took you a series of small actions to drop to that level.

Well, it will also take small but essential actions to get out. When you celebrate small wins, it motivates you because you see progress being made, and build momentum which adds up quickly.

More Tips to Overcome Self Doubt

Self-doubt is challenging to overcome, but it can be done by pretty much anyone who has the will.

Brainstorm every action, process, or a bit of effort that you think could help achieving success.

Note all the things and skills you know how to do or that you could quickly learn.

Start learning and implementing these new skills and abilities.

Believe you can perform better actually to perform better.

Draw your motivation from the right well, so focus on actions that get results.

Get away from self-doubt by taking small actions that lead to success and build on the next one.

Release that inner genius and ignore criticism and self-doubt.

It is quite easy not even to start or give up when other people tell you that you cannot do it, or that it is an impossible dream, or that it is unrealistic, but use their doubts as motivation for you to show them wrong.

A sign of self-doubt is when you let the opinions and self-doubt of others influence you to take action on your dream or idea. You have to choose your thoughts wisely because they become your emotions which in turn dictate your actions.

Undeniably, doubts will show up into your mind. So, to overcome self-doubt, you have to choose not to believe the thoughts that give you these doubts. Uncertainties, fears, and doubts will always be part of your life, but you are the one who chooses whether or not to believe them.

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Article Source: How To Overcome Self Doubt


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