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Meliora - An Atomic Bombshell!

As we've previously stated there are many things we look for in a project for us to class it as a true gem. When we analyse a project these are some of the questions that we ask ourselves:

Does this project solve a problem?

Does it offer simplicity of use for the user?

Does it have a strong community?

Is the Team Transparent?

Do they have a solid vision?

Do we see where this vision will take them?

When we stumbled across Meliora, instantly we knew we'd found something because every question we asked resulted in an astounding yes! We began to analyze the project and we took our due diligence. Our conclusion is that's it's an absolute monster! This gem is like finding a blood diamond in your back garden. You don't want to miss this. This is a genuine project that is solving multiple problems. For us, this is a long term hold.

So what is Meliora? What does it do?

Simply put, Meliora will be a cross-chain atomic swap platform that provides from wallet to wallet, trust-less, permission-less and secure swaps. MORA is the governance and utility token of the Meliora platform.

So what does this mean?

First, let's look at the problem. Centralized Exchange (CEX) platforms like Binance are arguably the financial institutions of the cryptocurrency world. That’s because, without these platforms, most crypto traders and investors would find it hard to exchange cryptocurrencies. In effect, centralized exchanges have become gatekeepers for cryptocurrency trading.

For example when we need to swap between chains such as Eth & BSC we usually need to go through Binance to do so. Alongside CEXES are Dectralaised Exchanges (DEXES), and these also only operate on a single chain which stops people from exchanging their differing blockchain assets with another.

With Meliora you won't need to do this! They believe in a future with interoperability. Meliora will offer the exchange of different tokens over different chains, yes that's correct & it'll be done instantly! Meliora wants to be a platform where no one needs anything but a wallet & we love it. This simplicity of removing the middle man is what we want, in crypto, there are so many different CEXES & DEXES that make things complicated, the easier these processes become the better. Meliora is tackling this problem head-on like a bull on steroids! Not only do they have the answer to solve this problem but they have achieved something that we believe is crucial. The User Experience. Check out their website, it's incredible & their swap platform will have the same feel & experience.

Why is this important?

A few reasons, firstly, as mentioned earlier, Simplicity. If the processes are made simple for everyone to use, then people will want to use the system furthermore it will encourage hoards of people to enter the cryptosphere. Make it simple & the crowd will follow. Make it hard & they'll resist the change. Secondly, if people don't like the feel or look of n operating system or site then they won't want to use it, simple. Take Apple, for example, everything they design is done so with a fine-tooth comb based around the ergonomics & UX of the customer. Pressing a button on an Apple Macbook feels good to do, there's enjoyment. This is the next level of thinking from projects that care are about their users & is exactly what Meliora has & are doing with their interface. Moving forward this will only encourage mass adoption because of the emotions & thoughts people will feel using the interface.

How do atomic swaps work?

Atomic swaps use a specific type of smart contract called a hash timelock contract (HTCL). Think of this as a “virtual lockbox” requiring two special keys:

  1. A HashLock key: That only distributes traded cryptocurrency to traders when all parties have signed off on their respective transactions.

  2. A TimeLock key: A safety mechanism that returns traded cryptocurrency to traders if the trade is not completed within a specified period.

To open an atomic swap, the first party will create an HTCL address who will then deposit a cryptocurrency. After that, a secret passcode for this cryptocurrency is created. This is called a preimage. which is subsequently hashed (a process that “locks” the preimage).

This hashed preimage is then forwarded to a second party, who verifies that the capital for the cryptocurrency has been deposited. A second trader will then deposit their trade capital into a new address, which has been created with the same hash.

The first party unlocks the trade funds deposited by the 2nd party with a secret passcode used to deposit the initial trade funds. The second party can then unlock the trade funds deposited by the first party. Meaning, that an atomic swap has been processed.

This may all sound confusing but I assure you, this is just the work behind the scenes, Meliora's Atomic Swap platform will be so simple to use, just a couple of clicks through their Meli-Wallet.

Why Atomic Swaps?

  1. Decentralized - Atomic Swaps are the most secure and Decentralized way of trading in Crypto, without the need for third-party arbitration, with no counterparty risk.

  2. Control - They leave crypto holders in complete control of their crypto at all times, eliminating the hacking risk presented by centralized exchanges.

  3. Reduced Trading Fee's - Only standard blockchain fee's will apply

  4. Tax - Using Centralised Exchanges you are subject to tax rates of your parent county as these exchanges aren't Decentralized.


MORA is the governance and utility token of the Meliora platform. MORA is a standard ERC20 token and there will ever be a maximum of 5500000 tokens. Thus, the maximum total supply will never be more than 5500000. On the contrary, MORA will have deflationary features as the surplus staking rewards each month will be burnt forever. Their staking contract is designed to distribute 100000 MORA tokens every month and undistributed tokens will be burnt by the contract every month. The chart below shows the token distribution of MORA Tokens which we believe is fair.

Token Utility

MORA offers 4 key advantages to its holders with its rewarding robust tokenomics and deflationary feature.

1. Fee Discount

2. Governance

3. Revenue Generating

4. Passive income

Fee Discount

On Meliora wallet-to-wallet cross-chain platform, traders who hold more than 5000 MORA tokens are rewarded with a 50% fee discount. Meliora charges the Taker 0.6% of the transaction amount, while the rate is 0.2% for the Maker.


Meliora is truly decentralized and gives the right of speech to its community, which makes Meliora a community-driven decentralized platform. MORA holders will shape the future of Meliora.

Revenue Generating

Meliora distributes 20% of monthly DEX profits to MORA holders. Thus, holding Mora tokens will provide monthly revenue. To be eligible to share the monthly fees revenue, holders must be keeping more than 5000 MORA tokens in their noncustodial wallets for the last 15 days before the monthly snapshot. Snapshot will be taken on the first day of each month. Yes, you heard that right folks! By simply holding 5000 MORA you will receive your share of the 20% DEX profits!

Passive Income

Mora holders enjoy passive income by staking their tokens. Meliora offers high yield staking opportunities to its community. Holders will have a chance to get up to 90% APY! More on this below.


In the first 4 hours of their staking app being released 20% of their circulating supply was staked! Now that's impressive, we wondered why this was so high?

Until we saw their APY rates and then it all made sense, they're insane! Here are the 3 options:

Yes that's right 50%, 70% & 90% APY is available of the funds you stake, try getting those rates in you traditional bank. You aren't going to!

The Roadmap

2020 Q4

  • Idea & Concept

  • Team Assemble

  • Strategic Plan

2021 Q1

  • White Paper 1.0

  • Website Launch

  • Token Generation Event – Token Sale

  • Meliora Staking Platform Launch (Where we are now)

2021 Q2

  • Release of Meli-Wallet

  • Meliora Platform Testnet

  • Meliora Crosschain Platform Launch

  • BSC Integration

2021 Q3

  • Polkadot Integration

  • Cosmos Integration

  • Avalanche Integration

Looking at the roadmap we get a good insight into what they're trying to achieve it's clear to see their vision, interoperability across all the chains is going to be incredible & it's all coming this year. Staking recently launched with the huge APY rates previously mentioned. The next event is the Meli-Wallet & we can't wait to get our hands on it, one place to store all of our assets without the use of a CEX is huge. The next quarter (Q2) will be the test-net & the launch so we really don't have long before this monster in unleashed & following that is the integration of multiple chains, they really are making this a one stop for all & it's the future of crypto in our eyes.


Can you now see why Meliora is going to be a game-changer? We can. Their vision of true decentralisation & inter-chain interoperability is the way forward, they understand what people want and through their platform, this will be a reality. They are providing solutions to problems and they're doing it in style! Their User Interface & User Experience will only encourage existing and new users alike to use the platform more to conduct their swaps across different chains. Looking at their roadmap we can see the vision, the purpose, & what to expect along the way. Their new innovative platform is going offer so many positives, let's have a recap:

True Decentralization

Full user control (Non-custdial)

Multi-Chain Swaps


Trust-less transactions

Permission-less transactions


Staking with some crazy APY rates up to 90%

And if that wasn't enough take a look at the market cap, it's currently sat around 2 million, compared to their ambitions and vision of what they're trying to achieve this is minuscule, the moon mission is pending on this one & it's inevitable. It has the fundamentals without a doubt, why do you think it was trending No1 on Dex tools?

We hope you enjoyed the article, we enjoyed writing it! To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram! We also host weekly AMA's where we shine the light on the projects you want to know about.

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