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One Click! NFT Creation.

We've said It before.... & we'll say it again. Whether you like it or not NFT's are here to stay & they're going to be huge! We're loading up now in preparation.

I get some many people asking me: "how do I do this?" , "how do I do that?" in regards to crypto queries. Why did I mention this? I highlight this because this shows how many people may be put off the idea of investing or using crypto simply because they're scared to & because it's out of their capabilities. I believe that the projects that can simplify usability mechanisms will flourish. New users want to feel comfortable and in control otherwise they'll likely stop at the first hurdle.

One Click NFT Creation. It doesn't get more simple than that. This is what DigiCol offer.

Seamlessly create your own digital collectibles and earn rewards by launching them into a liquid NFT marketplace with one click & no coding. This opens the door to so many people. Who remembers Pokemon cards? Everyone from the 90's does, they were everywhere! NFTs are similar to Pokemon cards, they have rarity & some are scarce. My point here is everyone loved Pokemon cards, everyone had some. Not everyone is buying NFTs, not because they don't like them but because they haven't discovered an easy way into crypto yet. The NFT market can only go up! People love collectibles, they love artwork & this new avenue for artists to express their art is inviting new creators everyday. The key to mass adoption in the future is simplicity. This is where DigiCol comes in.

DigiCol empowers users to create NFTs with one click and launch them into the DigiCol marketplace. Decentralized networks like DigiCol give NFT holders secure ownership of their asset while also enabling them to trade with other users on the platform.

The Platform Governance Token - $DGCL

$DGCL is used to reward digital collectible creators every time their collectible is being traded. Collectors who showcase their collectibles on the platform’s showcase will be rewarded in DGCL. Collectible owners can unlock liquidity by locking their collectibles as a collateral, liquidity provider will be rewarded in DGCL. DigiCol will ultimately evolve into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where token holders control the future direction and development of the platform.

The Vision

DigiCol’s vision is to be the best user experience in numerous NFT marketplaces by using a state of the art technology. With its proprietary platform, DigiCol will engage market participants like users, artists, and intellectual properties throughout one-click process in a user-friendly environment.

To make a better user experience for all, DigiCol has strategic partnered with Polygon to replace the being outdated interfaces that suffering numerous problems on existing infrastructure. Therefore, DigiCol is planning to connect an additional main-net network with Polygon for improving transaction processing and block verification speeds.

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Polygon is successfully operating the main-net with a lot of NFT projects like Aavegotch etc.

The partnership with Polygon is huge & will allow DigiCol platform users to benefit from seamless, secure, and instant transactions.

The Roadmap

As we can see there is a lot coming up, most importantly the DigiCol 1.0 launch. Followed by their app in Q3 which we think will bring a lot of new people to the NFT & crypto market.

What are the differences between DigiCol 1.0 and DigiCol 2.0 Beta?

The difference between these stages are the physical collectible producer who are on board.

They will first release an NFT wallet for IOS and Android, later the creation will be possible through a mobile application. With the motto of One-Click, we will implement an environment that can be accessed from any user interface.

The features we have touched upon are merely the start.

They will also allow:

  • Fractional ownership of NFT's

  • Use your NFTs as collateral to borrow other assets

Fractional ownership of NFTs.

The most valuable assets in any investment niche are often unavailable to the majority as they require high levels of wealth to purchase. This phenomenon was also accurate in the past NFT hype with some assets selling for over $100,000. DGCL tokens enable holders to acquire fractional ownership in an NFT. This removes the barriers to entry for acquiring some of the most valuable NFTs.


NFTs issued on the DigiCol platform serve multiple purposes. You can trade and collect them or place them into a smart contract as collateral to borrow USDT, ETH or DGCL.

There is so much potential with this coin with what they're trying to achieve and what they have in the works. It was clear from our NFT poll (that DigiCol won) that people hold this project with high regards & we're not surprised.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope you enjoyed it. If you would like hear about our new gems first join our telegram group: Over the past few weeks we have made some huge calls! Don't miss them!

This is not financial advice and we recommend everyone does their own reading!

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