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Our Golden Egg - Insane Passive Income!

This tasty little number is one hell of a project using 2nd generation yield farming for that offers extreme passive income! They're called Goose Finance (EGG). Let's take a look.

What is it?

It's a BSC Yield farming platform similar to Pancake & Kebab Swap, the difference is it was launched with a proper burning mechanism & timelock. It uses a new farming mechanism that allows perpetual price increase with a sustainable and profitable farming yield.

If you've been in crypto for a little while you'll have been searching for projects that offer solutions to problems as they provide the biggest gains. Goose Finance are trying to solve the following problems:

  • Large fund enters and exits creating a significant fluctuation.

  • Constant token creation with stable coins without any contribution

  • Insufficient token burn

  • Rugpull

Here's how they are going to achieve this:


  • All farms take a 4% burn when you stake.

  • 3% will be used to purchase Golden Egg Token and sent into the lottery pool.

  • 1% will be used to further develop this platform with other sites

  • Promote long term staking


  • As 3% of the burn will inject into the lottery, the lottery pot will be so huge that you can retire after winning the first prize.

  • 20% of the pot will be burnt to reduce the token circulation further.


  • The 3% burn will be used to purchase Golden Egg from the various liquidity pools.

  • For example: If people staked BUSD-BNB LP, 3% of the LP tokens would be used to buy Golden Egg from various Golden Egg pools.

Although DeFi is not new for the Eth Blockchain it is new for BSC which is one of the reasons we believe this can grow exponentially. This is incredibly early & if you get into staking your EGG now, the future could be golden for you providing you a very good passive income!

Make your investments work for you, if you're in a project for the long term then stake it, that's what we do & it provides huge yield.

So you can nest it (Stake) or farm it with LP tokens providing liquidity into pools.

We're going to look at Nesting.

So the current APR for staking is at 406.2% interest per year that is rewarded to you daily.

The current price of EGG is $128.92.

6 EGGS x 406.2% = 24.372 EGGs per year.

Divide this by 365 = 0.066 EGGs per day.

0.066 x $128.92 = 8.5 this is how much we would be earning in one day in dollars based on the current price!

Now lets multiply this by how many days are in a normal month $8.5 x 31days = $263.77

That's $263.77 from simply staking the EGGs that you were going to HODL anyway!

Now let's look at the supply..

As you can see the supply is 474,129! Not million! Let's compute that for a second, Bitcoin has a supply of 21 Million & is priced at $51,000. EGG has a supply of 474,129 & is $128.92! The upside for this coin is astronomical!

Let's look at compound.

We're going to be looking at the supply nothing else. It's supply is 4,630,228 & it's price is $440.95.

Egg has only 10% of Compounds supply!

Let's look at some more figures, if EGG reaches the price of compound which is definitely possible, here's what it will yield.

So lets times our original amount of 0.06 Eggs we earn per day by $440.95 = $26.457 per day!

26.457 x 31 days = $820 a month.

So as you can see getting into this project early (now) could give you a nice little earner, much better than any bank. AND that's not all, we believe this coin could go much much further than the above example. It could be worth well over $1500 in the future due to it's scsarcity! If it's not on your RADAR it should be.

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This is not financial advice and we recommend you do your own reading.

Here are some links for goose finance:


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