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Paypolitan – An innovation for the mainstream market

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During the process of searching for gems we often put ourselves in the shoes of potential investors. We often want to find coins which can grow both within the crypto community, but also within the mainstream. Our next gem Paypolitan ($EPAN) may just be exactly what we have been looking for!

Paypolitan is a hybrid payment ecosystem, which integrates traditional banking systems with the efficacy and near-limitless potential of DeFi features. Paypolitan aims to help users quickly access and connect both their fiat and crypto accounts into one single accessible platform. They are trying to do this with their innovative app which would allow for contactless crypto transactions, which can be used in everyday life.

Their forthcoming app allow for users to connect both their fiat and crypto wallets; the user will then be able to make payments either in fiat or in crypto anywhere they want. Users will also be rewarded for their transaction with EPAN tokens, which also allows the users to monetise their spending through an in-app staking system. This could lead to a shift in society where individuals are able to both invest with their crypto currencies and seamlessly use them with vendors whenever they want. What sets apart Paypolitan from other competitors, is that Paypolitan does not require for users to store their coins within the Paypolitan app, so no funds are ever locked away simply for the purpose of spending. A mere connection to a wallet such as MetaMask would allow for seamless transactions.

The Paypolitan team aims to reach millions of users over the forthcoming years, and they have made many impressive deals in an attempt to achieve this. Since January, Paypolitan CEO Nils Tharandt Ortiz has been appearing as a regular blockchain expert on large news stations such as FOX, Bloomberg TV and NewsMax. These appearances will continue into 2022 and will accumulatively reach an audience of hundreds of millions. The team also reached an agreement with a leading German out-of-home media company, which would lead to an investment of 19.3 million dollars. The media deal is anticipated to generate over 1.4 million customers for Paypolitan over the next few years.

Paypolitan has also recently finalized their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with the popular exchange BitForex, they also plan to launch on many other popular exchanges in the future, which would allow users to obtain their tokens using USD and avoiding the dreaded gas fees associated with the Ethereum Network.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in Contactless Payments. As per Forbes, the United States saw a 150% increase in contactless payment usage during 2020, we’ve seen a similar trend in growth for DeFi within society too; maybe Paypolitan could be a key to bridging the gap between these two modern developments. We are excited to see what Paypolitan can achieve, and we will be keeping a close eye on the project!

This is not financial advice, but is the opinion of the author, please do your own research before making any financial investment.

If you would like to learn more about Paypolitan please visit.

Total Supply: 94,697,000

74,573,886 EPAN tokens have been successfully locked for up to 60 months.


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