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Refinable ($FINE) - Reimagining the NFT experience

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Blockchain technology is evolving all the time, and it has advanced significantly over the last decade. New technology, stating decentralized technology in cryptocurrencies, has recently been created. This post will look at one such currency that has recently made headlines due to its decentralized approach. Refinable is an NFT platform that makes it simple to obtain trading tokens. It is widely used and has a significant presence in the current crypto-space.

What Exactly Is Refinable?

Refinable is a Binance Smart Chain-based NFT platform (BSC). The project enables users to leverage, exchange, discover, and build non-fungible tokens at a low cost. It is noteworthy that it caters to both individual and corporate users. There are three groups of users supported by the protocol: developers, traders, and collectors.

Creators tokenise new content, and tokenised objects are bought and sold by traders. Collectors, on the other hand, are consumers who buy and keep rare objects.

What Makes Refinable Unique?

What makes Refinable stand out from the slew of new NFT projects? The project's progress is determined by factors such as:

Scarcity – The protocol ensures that there is a known supply of each piece of material. Surprisingly, the platform allows content access from other NFT-based open networks that are supported.

Customizations – For developers and consumers with storefronts on the web, Refinable supports personalized distributions. Conducting a free airdrop for trusted customers and making the items available through a one-click order process are examples of customizations.

Variety of content – The project accepts a wide range of content forms, including domain names, artworks, and 2D/3D formats. As a result, it becomes a one-stop-shop for NFT fans.

Decentralization – Refinable conducts all of its business on the blockchain and uses high-quality smart contracts to protect all operations.

Users of the protocol have a say in the decision-making process by community voting.

Low transaction fees – Since the project is based on BSC, it can offer low transaction fees without sacrificing speed.

Refinable's main features include:

  • The traders charge no transaction or commission fees.

  • It is a decentralized exchange site or marketplace.

  • There are no restrictions on the production or selling of tokens.

  • If you want to pay your debt, you can do so in a variety of currencies.

  • For your tokens, you get personalized royalties.

  • For trading, you get a variety of rights, including commercial and non-commercial rights.

  • There are some token coins that you can buy for trading options if you have these essential features.

How Can I Purchase Refinable Tokens?

On April 27th, 2021, Refinable will launch tokens on the Pancake network. You can get these tokens by following the steps mentioned below.

  • To purchase tokens, you must complete your KYC process on the Refinable website.

  • You must choose a payment method, such as credit/debit card, direct bank transfer, or other.

  • Once you've completed it, go to Pancake and attach your wallet address; this will enable you to purchase Tokens directly.


Refinable is one of the few projects in the NFT room that is genuinely revolutionary. From fostering a welcoming atmosphere for NFT makers, traders, and collectors to forming major alliances and listing on decentralized exchanges, there is a lot to look forward to.

Furthermore, the NFT project runs on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing developers to avoid the high transaction costs that plague similar projects on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, BSC is known for its quick transaction times.

To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram! This is where we share our knowledge first!

Join our telegram here:

We hope you enjoyed the article!

This does not constitute as financial advice, we recommend you always do your own reading.

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