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Social Media Outage: Metas Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Users Report Difficulty Posting

"Twitter is down and not letting us tweet — it says users are over a daily limit"

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, social media apps Instagram and Twitter seem to be experiencing an outage, according to reports from users. The website Down Detector, which monitors internet outages, recorded a significant increase in user reports of glitches on Instagram starting around 10:48 AM Pacific Time. There was also a similar spike in reports of issues on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and other services that started around noon or 1 PM.

Many reports show that it's unable to tweet on the same day, and instead, received an error message that read, "You are over the daily limit for sending tweets." Some Twitter users reported problems with Instagram, specifically with posting Instagram Stories, while Reddit users reported issues with Twitter.

Twitter Outage Causes Error Message for Users

Twitter users are encountering an error message that states they are "over the daily limit for sending tweets." The issue, which appeared to start around 4:45 p.m. ET, has been reported by numerous users and is affecting both the desktop site and mobile app. A quick check of Down Detector shows that 52% of users are reporting problems with the app, 35% with the website, and 13% with server connections. Some Twitter users are still able to tweet while others are not, suggesting that the problem may be regional or related to recent API changes.

Could this be a Sign of Big Changes?

While it's likely that this issue is a bug, the error message wording is unusual. Twitter has enforced a daily tweet limit of 2,400 tweets per user since at least 2018 to reduce spam from bot accounts. Some users receiving the "daily limit" error have been directed to the Twitter Help Center which explains the 2,400 tweet limit. However, users who have tweeted less than a dozen times in a day are also encountering the message, which raises questions about whether Twitter is reducing the daily limit for tweets.

How to Fix the Daily Limit Twitter Bug

If Twitter won't let you send a tweet, scheduling a tweet for the future still appears to work. It's unclear when Twitter will be back to normal, but we will continue to monitor the situation and update this article accordingly.

The extent and depth of the cuts raised concerns among observers, current and former employees, that Twitter's reliability might be impacted.

In the meantime, users who are unable to tweet due to the "daily limit" error can try scheduling their tweets for a later time. This workaround has been confirmed by multiple writers.

It's uncertain what is causing this issue, but it's possible that it's a bug in Twitter's system. The "daily limit" error message is a new one, and its appearance is raising questions about potential changes to Twitter's policies or technical limitations. It's also possible that the problem is related to Twitter's recent API changes or may be restricted to specific geographic locations.

In conclusion, Twitter is currently experiencing an outage that is causing an error message for some users, stating that they are "over the daily limit for sending tweets." The issue appears to be affecting both the desktop site and mobile app, and multiple users have reported similar problems. While it's uncertain what is causing the issue, users who are unable to tweet can try scheduling their tweets for a later time. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

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