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Dexfolio ($DEXF) - Solving a real problem in the Dex tracking space

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

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This is the most organically I have ever come across a project - I was looking for a good tool where I could track investments and save alerts across both Uniswap (Ethereum) and Pancake Swap (Binance Smart Chain), and which was not always out of sync with those chains.

Currently, Dex trackers are either too backlogged with other road-map items to support up-and-coming networks like Binance Smart Chain, or they are buggy. There is a gap here that needs to be addressed. What I would like out of a product is one place to track my portfolio, analyse charts, and set alerts when they hit certain prices without going off platform or jumping between 20 browser tabs using a multitude of different sub-standard tools. And I want to be able to do this across all my devices - phone and desktop browser.

Enter Dexfolio.

What Is It?

Dexfolio aims to solve the problems facing current Dex trackers. It does this by being the first Dex which is purposefully built with multiple chains in mind.

“Dexfolio is built from the ground up to track DEXes. That means Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain tracking at launch. In addition, we will be able to add compatibility with trending blockchain networks much faster since our app is built for it.

Dexfolio’s alert system is built around percentage targets from your entry price or over time. This means you can set percentage targets for all your tokens at once — such as +50% from entry price— and Dexfolio will notify you when a target is hit. For more fine-tune control, you’re able to adjust alerts for each coin.”

Another problem with the current Dex trackers is that they are really bad on mobile and have no app available to try and solve some of the UI issues when using them on a desktop browser.

Dexfolio is a mobile first product, meaning that an Android and iPhone app will be available on launch. This is huge. Imagine profit alerts as instant push notifications across all of your BSC and Ethereum investments.

In a Dex tracker, UI is incredibly important. There is a dense amount of data on the screen at any one time, and making the UI simple and clear while also displaying all the necessary data is very difficult. Especially in a mobile-first environment this is critical to the success of the product, and the Dexflio team already understands this. They have an experienced UX Product Designer on the team from day 1 and we have an exclusive sneak preview of how the platform will function:

*All of the features you see here may not be available on launch

This transparency is refreshing in an otherwise black box development world of blockchain development teams (for the most part). This feels like a community driven project, and feedback from the community is important to the Dexfolio development team, and is actively encouraged and given fair consideration for their roadmap. A fact that is evident in releasing their screens ahead of time, but also something I have personally experienced in their Telegram:

There is lots more I could say about this project, but why don’t you hear it from them:

$DEXF Token

Lastly, I just want to mention the tokenomics of $DEXF - the governance token and utility token for the platform. The token will have 3 uses according to the Dexfolio team:

  1. To gain access to pro features on the app—the token utility

  2. To facilitate profit sharing through staking

  3. As governance for the DAO

So, not only will this token provide governance, it will also provide utility on the platform as well as having a staking mechanism.

Coupled with the tokenomics (below), there are very strong use cases for the token that provide real value to investors, including Profit Sharing:

“The more you hodl, the more profits you get. Additionally, by giving token hodlers a share of the profits, they’re encouraged to vote for proposals that are beneficial for the long term growth of the platform”.

Essentially, as people spend their $DEXF for access to pro features, half will be burned and the other half will be shared with holders. This means that the token will be deflationary as well as increasing incentive to hold while increasing buying pressure.

Tokenomics Overview

Total supply: 200M DEXF

Initial Supply: 40M DEXF

Presale Price: $0.01 = 1 DEXF (article on their presale being released shortly to their medium:

If you want to go deeper into the tokenomics, utility or governance of the $DEXF token, have a look at their medium on the tokenomics of $DEXF. There is a lot more in there that I just can’t get to in this article:

This is a project that aims to solve a real problem. There is a clear vision, impressive utility and tokenomics, and is most certainly one I will be keeping a very close eye on as it nears release in Q2 this year.

Release Date: Q2 2021



Twitter: @DexfolioApp

If you want to see more like this join our telegram group:



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