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SuperBid - A genius platform for influencers

As we've said in the past, we look for new projects that provide unique & innovative ideas, ideas that we think are changing the game or attempting to. To be in the loop for more gems like this join our telegram group: & get the scoop first! This brings us nicely onto our latest gem.

Now, the potential of this is huge!

First off, let's think about Social Media influencers, the ones on Instagram for example. Like them or hate them..... these influencers make a lot of money advertising goods & services to their huge fan bases.

Imagine if there was a platform out there that capitalised on this using crypto as payment?.... Well there is & its monumental!

This idea is innovative to say the least & what they have lined up is incredible & you're very early to the party with this one. I'm going to talk through the list of things that stand out & why they highlight to me that this is a true gem!

Firstly the market cap at time of writing: $470k (Tiny by the way) & the price at time of writing is $0.24.

So what is it? is an innovative social-auction app that connects influencers & celebrities with their fans. With SuperBid, users have the opportunity to participate in thousands of auctions set up by influencers. We'll show you how this works later on. The financial flow within the platform is based on their token. The iOS release is in May 2021 with the final launch with token integration in July 2021. So remember when we said you're still early?

Through their platform influencers will be able to auction off virtual & physical goods, for example:

  • “Bid For An Hour Of Playing Fortnite With Your Favorite Twitch Streamer”

  • “Bid For A Video Editing Course On YouTube With Your Favorite Streamer”

  • “Bid For The Streamer To Review Your Profile”

Sound interesting? We think so and you're still here so.....

Straight off the bat, what stands out to me is how many people will use this platform. There are thousands of influencers that use platforms such as instagram to advertise goods and services to their fan base. Currently 86% of young people post social media content for money. Superbid will give these people the platform to auction off their time or service to a fan that is willing to pay the highest bid! This Is a great new way for people to get closer to the people they love & for them to make money by doing so.

Need more? Probably not but okay.

As you can see, to be highlighted you need to hold 5k, to be promoted you need to hold 10k & there are 2,5% tokens burnt on each transaction all of which increase the valuation of the token. The more and more people that gravitate to SuperBid will surge the price to new highs.

Let's look at the 3 steps outlined on their site:

Do you want more good things before you get that warm fuzzy feeling? Okay let's go.

The team is public and you see their linkedin profiles online. Looking through their history you can see they have quite an impressive resume, skills and connections:

All of the above is just a snippet of what they offer and what is to come! The roadmap boasts about marketing, exchange listings, android implementation, testing & NFT auctions. I can see a huge future for superbid & I'm sure you can too! With a market cap of 470k this is long hold that is sure to rise in the coming weeks!

We hope you enjoyed the article! For more like this & new gems daily join our telegram group:

This is not financial advice, but is the opinion of the author, please do your own research before making any financial investment.

To learn more about SuperBid have a look at some of the links below:



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Jim Allsop
Jim Allsop

Nowadays, you can express yourself and earn money in different ways. Who gets tiktok, someone creates a channel on YouTube, and you can also try to become a popular streamer. I think this is a good way to earn and enjoy what you are doing, and if you want to try to launch your first stream, then this article will help you

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