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TELOS – ‘A networked ecosystem enabling a new global economy.’

TELOS – ‘A networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy.’

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Today we’re going to discuss a very popular project we discovered called Transcendence and it’s corresponding crypto coin Telos. This has been brought to our attention by a few of our community members over on our telegram community chat

Our unique members of the ProReviewGems community have been following this project for some time and it has a lot of use cases that they have built up over time. Over 100 use cases! After all that’s what’s important in cryptocurrency, right?.. The ability to use it! – It has functionality for various products and services. So let’s jump in and take a look at it and break it down further.

What is this project, this coin, all about?

Telos is a third-generation blockchain platform for building fast, scalable distributed applications with feeless transactions. ‘Fort of PIVX in Mid-2018’ for those of you who have heard of it before mid-2018 its consensus algorithm is proof of stake and which you can have master notes, it does have a lot of privacy features built-in and it’s token is called a transcendence network token or Telos. Telos is accepted at transcendence related services led by Pascal Papara, the founder.

Telos boasts being one of the faster performing blockchains in the half-second block times from transaction to sender. It has one of the highest capacities leading on blocktivity and it uses this power to enable dApps to do all kinds of amazing things. Most importantly it’s one of the few blockchains of note in the last several years that was launched in truly Satoshi style. By that I mean it was launched with no ICO or any kind of token raise by a group of about 130 people worldwide working on it for nothing. All they took roughly was 5% at pre-mine. All the people that were involved in it from the start felt they needed this blockchain to have a bitcoin ethic but with modern third-generation strength.

Why is it a compelling investment?

Since launching its mainnet in December 2018, the Telos network has been developed to power the economies of the future and provide human-scale solutions to global challenges. With these goals in mind, it includes innovative governance features that empower organizations to shift influence and decision-making to a more collaborative and transparent model.

T | Blockchain Platform for Web 3.0

The main features of the Telos ecosystem include:

Economic and geographic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain.

Economic and geographic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain.

Equitable pay structure to incentivize node operators.

Developer-friendly tools and low-cost deployment.

On-Chain Governance

Telos Works proposal system and grant-making for new projects, from the independent Telos Foundation.

Let’s take a look at their team:

30 core developers, over 50 validator teams, many multiple apps complemented by 100s of active community contributors, are working to improve the Telos network on an open-source basis. They also have professional stakeholder voted validator teams. Telos has 21 “active” validators who have to be voted in TLOS holders. The active validators take principal responsibility for maintaining the network while a unit of standby producers are paid and regularly tested to serve as back-ups.

The Telos Community:

As of early 2021 Telos are working on over 100 distributed applications on Telos as of early 2021, including the music rights-trading platform Zeptagram, gaming platform QUDO, Social media platform Appics, and the payments system Sesacash. A full list of dApps on Telos is available at

What use case and value proposition does TELOS offer the cryptocurrency community?

Firstly, it has become rare to come across non-ICO, non-token raised and low pre-mined project with a long-term value proposition.

It started with no money and had to build up good fiscal principles to drive forward within their community.

As mentioned, it has over 100 uses! I won’t go into them all but I will list a number of them and discuss the ones I think are the most notable. So the first is the Indiego Retroconsole this is an old-school retro gaming console that you can hook up to your TV or your monitor and play some highly rated throwback games (which if your old enough you might remember some!), Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem + more. This console was made by Pascal Papara which was successful in 2016 and so this device comes with the Indiedgo App Store pre-installed so you can buy games using your TELOS coins.

It has an open developer platform so that developers can build games or port games onto this and let people purchase that using TELOS.

Crypto Mages – This is similar to the crypto collectible space which has been popular in the crypto world. It’s a blockchain-powered trading card game and it’s part of the Transcendence ecosystem where they offer multiplayer and online tournaments where you can use the cards you have and go to battle with each other. They have future support for all sorts of OS’.

Amicloud – This is a cloud storage solution like Dropbox. Offering features like file storage, sharing and syncing. One unique benefit is that it can sync with older systems like the Amiga OS as well as Mac PC and Linux.

This is also integrated with the retro console as prior mentioned. Below you will find several other use cases for TELOS:

Pure Toro

Blue box

Aequana Vending Machines



Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX)

AEROS machines


Indiego Appstore




And much more!

Last thing to note is the bridge! The bridge to deploy your TLOS on either the Ethereum or Telos blockchain 1:1 is now live! Using the pBridge you can peg-in and peg-out of the blockchain of your choice, much in the same way you can with BTC & PBTC, if you are familiar with the Telos native swap platform, Tswaps. This is the first step in their plan to integrate and introduce TLOS to multiple blockchain communities, beginning with the biggest of them all, Ethereum.

How to buy Telos - (Now available on Uniswap)

You can Buy a Telos several ways! Uniswap is a new popular way to purchase Telos. You can also do it by downloading a wombat wallet. Below you will find a useful link made by the guys over at BlockCrafters on YouTube:

How To Buy Telos @ Crypto Buying Tips - YouTube

Please do your research before investing and look into everything yourself before taking any risks. That being said Telos in my personal opinion is a true gem and a find that is exceptionally undervalued in the marketplace. This is already a massive project with roadways in all directions in terms of the product, the service, the team, use cases, value proposition and infrastructure yet the price point is very affordable and the potential is massive!

To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram!

Join our telegram here:

Thanks for reading!


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