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The best way to learn Piano

The best way to learn is through a logically structured piano course in bite-sized lessons with step by step instructions throughout. The aim is to learn little and often, then recap to consolidate what you have learnt. Before moving onto the next step you should be confident and comfortable with the previous step you have learnt. There are many guides available out there, one simple key function that will help you NOT lose interest is the Video and audio lessons open ON THE PAGE you are working on, you don’t have to go from books to videos, at each stage you know exactly where you are (I find this very important when it comes to beginners in the early stages as they get frustrated when all of the info they require for what they are doing isn't in front of them & it just gives them another reason to quit. So make sure you use a guide that facilitates this. My recommendation is Pianoforall)

Countless Piano guides teach you how to play old traditional songs due to no copyright infringements. This frustrates me because who wants to play these?

Then others focus on one style of playing where you learn how to play a few tunes. period. Then when you are done you have to pay for another guide to progress.

What you need to learn are the foundations that can be applied in any musical style. You want to learn the tools to play anything in what style you want.


Early success, in the beginning, is the most important as it keeps you interested in practising and playing. So the guide you use mustn't bog you down in too much theory and waffle early on. Making you memorize sheet music early on is going to do nothing for you. Following simple instructions & learning to play by ear then moving onto improvisation then creating compositions & the finally reading piano sheet music is the way forward. Practising for 20-30 minutes a day is what I recommend to enable your rapid success. When you do this you will maintain your interest levels and most likely you will practice for longer! But maintaining 20-30 mins per day is the key, consistency.

People who can read sheet music can often only play what is written. Using a well-designed programme such as Pianoforall is important to ensure that this new alien language will not frighten you. A good teaching method will teach the shapes and patterns that are easy to see on the keyboard.

Pianoforall is the best guide that offers everything I recommend & it teaches you the underlying structures of the music, what everything means and how it fits together. Pianoforall removes all the nonsense of playing the piano & simplifies it. Anyone can learn the piano given the right instruction regardless of your age.


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