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Top 5 Myths About Hair Extensions

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This week we have been discussing the top myths in the hair extension industry with the owner of the fantastic With well over 20 years experience this is what Hair Extension Expert Michelle had to say:

Here are some of the top 5 Hair Extension Myths I want to correct.

When I meet clients and start discussing the consultation I hear so many hair extensions myths which have become frustrating and damaging for me as a stylist as so many are wrong and false. A lot of people are caught in the dark ages and have very little understanding of Hair Extensions today and the many amazing methods that are now on offer.

I pride myself in offering only the best non-damaging Remy hair extensions and I aim to always fit the extensions to perfection so once removed the client's natural hair is still in amazing condition.

The aim of my 'Top 5 Myths About Hair Extensions' is to help educate and shine some light on some of the misconceptions surrounding hair extensions today, so here goes:

1. Hair extensions damage your hair

This is simply not true. If you take a look at all the top celebrities and professionals who have fuller, longer and glossy hair how do you think this is achieved? If you get your hair extensions fitted correctly by an experienced and reputable hair extension technician who uses the correct methods such as iTips (cold fusion) or weaves & tapes you should not encounter any damage to your natural hair.

Following the aftercare, guidelines are KEY and your responsibility. Once you’ve had your hair extensions fitted. Left that salon with your amazing new look. You're on your own to maintain the upkeep. Make sure you are aware of how many weeks need to pass by before maintenance or removal. Keep a note on your calendar or simply keep an eye on the regrowth.

2. Everyone will know I’m wearing hair extensions

Today there are so many different amazing types of hair extension methods. At the moment the most popular being iTips which is a cold fusion method which provides a discreet and comfortable application and bond. The bonds are very flat and sit flush against the head so that they are almost invisible to the eye.

It is also down to your hair technician. He/she will have the up to date experience making sure that placement of the bonds is accurate, finishing off your application with a cut and style that no one will notice your new secret.

The type of hair is also very important and this is the ‘thought of the day’ that I want you to focus on 'Pay Cheap, Pay Twice' this is very true. Do your research. Go along to consultation before making any decisions. Chat to your chosen hair extensionist. Look at the hair they offer. You want to be going for 100% Human Remy Hair that feels silky soft and looks shiny and real. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all, you are paying a lot of money so you want to make sure you’re going to look good and feel fabulous.

3. Hair Extensions are only for creating long hair!

This is one of the huge hair extension myths that we hear regularly and it’s just not true. Hair extensions can be used to add thickness, a little volume and a fuller look you only need a couple of packs of extensions fitted. This is one of my popular services when all the client wants to achieve is a little more fullness, length doesn’t always have to be the aim when it comes to hair extensions.

4. Hair extensions are painful and uncomfortable!

The truth is when they are applied by a professional you will receive no discomfort or pain whilst they are being applied or after. No one likes pain and hair extensions wouldn’t be as popular if they caused such discomfort. The first few days you will notice your scalp is slightly tender or maybe some itching but this is normal. This is simply the bonds adapting to your hair and should go once the bonds have loosened a little. When sleeping I would always suggest wearing your hair in a loose plait for comfort and to stop any tangling whilst you sleep.

5. You need to give your hair a break in between each set of hair extensions!

If your hair extensions are being applied and removed by a technician who is doing the job correctly and has chosen a kind hair extensions application method a break between sets isn’t necessary. Your natural hair should remain strong and undamaged throughout the lifespan of your hair extensions. You can easily have them removed and a new set applied on the same day if you wanted.

If you need more information on hair extensions or choosing the correct method for your hair needs please do not hesitate to contact me or book in for a consultation.

Michelle Minter,

Managing Director,

Hairworkz International Ltd.


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