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ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 20:20]

Welcome everyone to our AMA with Triforce Protocol, this is going to be a fantastic insight into what I believe is a very interesting project. Tonight we’ll explore what they have to offer. Your host this evening will be @celtycrypto

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:20]

@ProReviewCrypto to introduce our community

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:21]

Hi @jewbynature @calfreezyy @cmantic @migaraX @Whlskey_Dick @devdonatello, you are all very welcome and thank you for joining us for one of your first ever AMA’s. It’s the most people I’ve ever hosted an AMA with, so it should be a lot of fun :)

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:21]

We have a lot to get through, so for the sake of expediency I’m going to approach this a bit differently, and quickly introduce each of you before directing questions at either the Dev team or Business/Marketing team.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:21]

Feel free to say hi to our community all of you!

@devdonatello - Farming/Staking dev

@calfreezyy - Solidity Engineer

@cmantic - Solidity Engineer

@migaraX - Web Developer

@Whlskey_Dick - TG, Marketing & Conceptualizing

@jewbynature - TG, Marketing & Conceptualizing

Cmantic, [06.04.21 20:22]

Hi @celtycrypto

Hello everyone!

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:22]

Firstly, I want to know a little bit about the Dev team @calfreezyy, @cmantic. I looked through the Github line by line last night, and the solidity code is well written and well organised. As team leads can you briefly tell us about your development experience to date.

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:24]

Ok now hello again 😁

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:24]

Also, feel free to direct dev questions to @devdonatello or @migaraX, but I'll be addressing you guys (@calfreezyy, @cmantic) as leads

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:24]

[ GIF ]

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:25]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]


Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:25]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

@devdonatello is our farming/staking dev & @migaraX is our webdev. 🙏

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:25]

[In reply to Whiskey Dick]


Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 20:25]

Hey everyone! Donaatello here, I have a background in all aspects of development. Assisting in a full stack nature, server infrastructure, auditing and deployment. Look forward to diving into anything technical 👍

Cmantic, [06.04.21 20:27]

This is Cmantic. My good friend @calfreezyy has been a crypto enthusiast and has been exploring this space over the last 6 months.

However, he was tired of the rugs and fake pumps in this space.

Given my background as a software engineer, he nudged me to work together in developing a rug-free, organically grown project which will evolve with time and grow bigger

Hence, we came with the tokenomics (limited supply) and various transaction fees to incentivize the community for HOLD and contribute to the project growth

With the help of the rest of the awesome team, we have spent nearly 2 months to make TRIFORCE what it is today. And it is worth every bit of it !

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:28]

[In reply to Cmantic]

Awesome! Thanks Cmantic. Still at @calfreezyy, @cmantic, What size is your Dev team and do you follow an agile or waterfall development process?

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:30]

Good to know you guys are irl friends - means you know how to work together efficiently :)

Calfreezyy, [06.04.21 20:31]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

I'd say waterfall for ive left every bit of my other imp work for quite some time to make triforce a reality.

Calfreezyy, [06.04.21 20:31]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Yes 10 years strong :P

Cmantic, [06.04.21 20:31]

Me and @calfreezyy are the main devs. We have been joined by @devdonatello -an experienced dev in this as staking/farming dev

We have planned for the unforeseen events and prevent bots. Our main intention was to make a honest and faithful launch which can help even small investors have a piece of TRIFORCE. Testing was on a whole different level, with @calfreezyy being extremely careful of all possible scenarios

Happy that it paid off well

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:32]

[In reply to Calfreezyy]

So what size is the dev team then and how do you delegate work and communicate that back to the business I.E. @Whlskey_Dick & @jewbynature?

Cmantic, [06.04.21 20:33]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Sorry for missing the dev size

We are a team of four. Forgot to include @migaraX

He has been an awesome addition to this team who works efficiently

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:34]

4 is a nice size, manageable, yet gets shit done

migaraX | π Protocol |, [06.04.21 20:35]

@cmantic thanks, yeah I am working really close with the devs and we have daily meetings to get in touch and to be updated. I am proud to be part of this team!

Calfreezyy, [06.04.21 20:35]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

We have a private group where we all plan together, the dev team along with whiskey and jew. So we dont miss out on any updates and are in sync.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:35]

Ok nice and simple, I like it.

Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 20:36]

[In reply to Cmantic]

The launch went really well imo, during the listing process, I personally added specific functions to safeguard the launch, too catch any mempool listening scripts/bots and protect holders as best as possible. This included a trading safeguard, a contract approval safeguard and also a maximum transaction limit for the first 30 minutes.

Cmantic, [06.04.21 20:36]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Best part about the communication is that we help each other out in identifying any possible pitfalls that may incur and rectify each other mistakes

That is integral for an efficient and productive team work

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:36]


Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:36]

Thanks for the info folks

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:36]

Over to @Whlskey_Dick @jewbynature next. What is the elevator pitch for Triforce - 1 line please?

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:38]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

We are one of the most honest, transparent & trustworthy teams in this space & if you so decide to invest in us, I can promise you that your monies will be looked after & hopefully turned into many monies more for you & yours 🙏

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:39]

Main focus is rewarding our community TFC point blank period

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:39]


Name one thing each that makes TFC unique @Whlskey_Dick @jewbynature

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:42]

First off we are transparent asf like whiskey said also everything we do is for our community and TFC meaning buybacks,staking anything we can do to reward the community is the main focus,arcade games even the utility from axioms with our farm token will reward the community but while having fun at doing these things

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:43]

I personally think the one thing that separates us from the rest is the size of our $TFC family & network. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful & appreciative I am of everyone involved & those joining us just now. In terms of the project itself, I would have to say it is the way we implemented our liquidity generation tax, as well as the automatic rebalancer to keep that $TFC/BNB ratio in proportion. I have already seen a number of projects now doing the same in the last few days, as well as the way we launched. We had a private raise of less than 100 holders, which allowed us to start with $250,000 in liquidity & is now at $1.3M total, but we opened our TG after listing & locking the token to start from 0 with no hype in order to build an organic & stable growth model for the token itself.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:44]

Thanks Jew! I like a lot of what your platform has to offer, and it's implementing some interesting mechanics.

Well said Whiskey, community is everything.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:44]

On that...

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:44]

I notice you have an active TG group and a healthy community @Whlskey_Dick @jewbynature. Can you tell me what role the community plays in the direction of the platform? Do you plan to involve your community in decision making or governance?

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:49]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

The community plays a big big role in the development of the project like I believe one community member said something about a switch game system so we took some of the funds and ordered a shit ton of systems that will be rewarded to random holders of TFC so that shows you it’s never been about the money with us we are building something big and I can’t speak 2 much on it but the my nfts isn’t just for the cash rewards it will be tied into something bigger

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:49]

Well as we have just agreed to agree upon.. our community is everything. We have ideas in the works already, such as My-NFT, and additional concepts we have in behind the scene discussions that could be bigger plays & implemented in the near future. We also have & always welcome all criticism & feedback, as we do take it all into consideration, which we just did regarding our unstaking tax. We had it set a little high for some at 12%, so we discussed it with our community & team, and decided to lower it to 9% for the best interests of our holders & the overall health of the project itself

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:50]

[In reply to Jewbynature]

"tied into something bigger" 👀

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:50]

Love it lads, cheers

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:50]

I can see that Triforce has four mechanisms:

1. Automatic liquidity generation - Whiskey you mentioned this already, of the 9% transaction tax, 3% goes to this.

2. Frictionless rewards to token holders - Not Mentioned, but of the 9% tax, 3% goes to this

3. Automated rebalancer function

4. Token burn - of the 9% tax, 3% goes to this

We won't have time to go into these in detail in this session, though I would love to. But one thing I do want to dig into is the dual token economy.

Triforce will be an NFT-heavy platform from my understanding. You have a dual token economy, and I see also that your farm token - Pyukumuku($pYUK) will play a large role here. Can you explain what $pYUK is used for and how it interacts with the platform @devdonatello? I assume staking is involved here?

Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 20:52]

Correct, staking pYUK will earn points initially to be used to redeem NFTs.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:53]

And do you get pYUK?

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:53]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

👀👀sheesh that’s a tuff one well let’s be honest farm tokens come out then they dump in the first 5mins and stay down so we don’t want to do that to anybody especially our community so we partnered with axioms to bring a big utility I can’t say but the other one is points for nft and hopefully launchpad

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:54]

Cool, so stake TFC -> get pYUK -> stake pYUK -> get NFT's?

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:54]

or am I wrong here?

Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 20:54]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Thats the one 👌

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:54]

Correct.. The NFTs will be bought with points that you accrue through staking your farmed or market bought pYUK

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:55]

Nice! I like it

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:55]

Ok, we are running out of time and there are 2 big points I want to hit

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:55]

Your platform contains a lot of Nintendo characters and references. We know Nintendo come down hard on the copyright side of things, and we’ve seen some other projects halted due to copyright issues recently. How have you covered yourselves and investors in this regard? Is this a cause for concern @Whlskey_Dick @jewbynature?

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 20:55]

However, this a much larger play on top of that for pYUK that is being developed behind closed doors & we soon hope to bring to all of our investors & community members

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:56]

[In reply to Whiskey Dick]

Great to see a strong vision with more in the pipeline

Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 20:58]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

One the most technical elements to this protocol would be the autonomous nature of the auto liquidity generation to quickly recap this feature here goes:

1.Apart from the liquidity pool created initially, $TFC provides for generating liquidity with the help of its transactions.

2.Whenever someone sends a transaction using the $TFC token, 3% of that transaction is sent to the token contract. (3% liquidity fee)

3.Over time, the stored $TFC tokens accumulate until they reach a threshold (set as 10,000 $TFC).

4.Once this threshold is reached, half of the stored $TFC is sold in the market for $BNB. This is a public function. This is available hourly.

5.The $BNB and remaining half of $TFC is then used to create a Pancake LP token. The LP token is then stored inside of the contract where it is secure and can never be transferred out.

6.Over time, the liquidity stored inside of the contract grows bigger and bigger, which creates a price-floor for $TFC.

7.Since this step is a high-gas transaction, whoever happens to initiates this transaction is automatically rewarded with 200 $TFC tokens.

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 20:58]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Great question so the website and material is constantly being updated every week if not day so if or when that time comes we will be prepared

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:59]

[In reply to Donaatello Dev]

Honestly, I would love a second AMA to dig right into this technical more deeply. Great to have that recorded here though for our community at the same time, thanks Donaatello.

Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 20:59]

Sounds awesome! Thanks.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 20:59]

[In reply to Jewbynature]

How does that address the copyright issue?

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:00]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

We have & we continue to cover all of those issues in our main development chat. We have utilized some of our artists to render different versions of characters for the NFTs coming, and as for our project & site, we will continue to evolve & pivot wherever necessary, including if & when Nintendo would come calling about it. As you may have noticed, we have already updated our 8-bit Triforce logo to something completely new & fully ours & in no-way shape or form infringing upon any copyrights whatsoever. Plus I keep buying Nintendo items to giveaway to our community members, so I'll let Nintendo know I'm already paying them in more ways than one.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:01]

[In reply to Whiskey Dick]

Ok, I think I'm understanding. Rather than knowing for sure you are safe now, you have a plan B, C, D etc to pivot to if the need arises

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:01]

But I think when everyone sees some of the NFTs & merch, they will have a better idea of what we have done to not infringe upon copyright materials.

Jordan, [06.04.21 21:01]

Love it guys 💎💎

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:01]

Lovely, thanks folks.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:01]

Last big point I want to hit

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:01]

I see you have an Audit planned for April. Can you tell us who the audit is with and how far it is progressed @calfreezyy, @cmantic?

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:02]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Correct, we have & will continue to plan for multiple potential outcomes, including some updates now & some ready for the future already if need be.

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:03]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

We have initiated the audit with @quillaudits

The process has begun and should be completed by this week

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:03]

[In reply to Cmantic]


Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:03]

Great news

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:03]

Quickfire round to finish. One for each of you:

What marketing has been carried out so far and what do you have planned for the future @Whlskey_Dick

Phases III and IV of the roadmap are TBC. Can you give us any insight as to what your long term vision is @jewbynature?

Looking at your roadmap, I can see partnerships feature heavily. Can you tell us a little bit about any planned partnerships and future unique utilities @calfreezyy, @cmantic?

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:04]

[ Photo ]

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:04]

[In reply to Jewbynature]


Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:05]

It's a big name

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:05]


Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:05]

And we may have a second audit I noticed CG investors love seeing audits

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:06]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Yup same ones that did one of our future partners token

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:06]

Wellllll.. We have had a number of high profile YouTubers put out material on us already, with more to come, such as Crypto Lightsaber, Crypto Ninja, Crypt0Don, Zilj TV

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:06]

Community, get your questions ready. $100 to be won!!

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:07]

As well as hitting on reddit & 4chan, but we have so much more in store for our marketing that will be slowly released over time, as we do not want to unload it all at once. We are in it for the long haul & sustained growth & marketing is a big sticking point for us.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:07]

[In reply to Whiskey Dick]

Awesome, there has been a lot of noise, and as an holder myself, it's great to see that will continue.

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:07]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

[ GIF ]

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:08]

@Whlskey_Dick @jewbynature I have a question if that’s okay

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:08]

[In reply to Jamie]


Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:08]

[In reply to Jamie]

lol ❤️😂😏

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:08]

[In reply to Jewbynature]

[ GIF ]

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:08]

Can you guys explain a bit more about the black hole?

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:08]

Shoot away my friend

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:08]


Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:10]

[In reply to Jamie]

I’m happy u said that 😁but at the same time lol so 3%burn fees on every transaction, also from staking fees which holds a lot of TFC and whale wallets rewards all going into black hole which is a wallet nobody owns so it’s taking tons of tokens out of circulation and doing nothing but accumulating rewards in a wallet that can be touched also 3% burn continues lol must I explain more😎

ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 21:11]

Wow that was crazy thanks guys! I’m really excited for what’s to come especially these MyNFTs! 👀

ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 21:11]

I will now pen the chat briefly to allow in the community questions... fingers at the ready

Tolga, [06.04.21 21:12]

Model of Triforce Protocol relies on any big research / survey results that triggered the project? Could you tell about your first cluster data pls? What actually NFT holders expect from you?

Che Tut, [06.04.21 21:12]

Your ecosystem will be represented by 2 tokens: $TFC and $pYUK. $TFC is clear, it is the main token of the project. But what about $pYUK? Why do you need to create the second token? Have you already planned how you will build symbiosis between $TFC and $pYUK for successful scalability?

Bà Tân Vlog, [06.04.21 21:12]

"Staking" is a very famous topic. Can you tell me about $TFC and $pYUK staking system? What is benefit of staking $TFC and $pYUK?

defi queen, [06.04.21 21:12]

The cross chain to MATIC is scheduled for phase 1, what benefits will this bring & what problems do you foresee?

Ugur Alkoç, [06.04.21 21:12]

I see TFC tweeted last month firstly. Are you late in communication plan to cover it up? By the way, why don’t you have “turn off volume” option in website? :)

Bian L, [06.04.21 21:12]

Why is the project called TRIFORCE? Did you get your inspiration from the imageboard culture?

Ginger X, [06.04.21 21:12]

Pls tell about integration with MATIC and explain what is "Dark Magic" in your Roadmap?

👽 Mars Crypto Community 🌔, [06.04.21 21:12]

Hello @Whlskey_Dick @jewbynature 🙋♂

Q.1-- Why did you design your TRIFORCE tokens with a deflationary model? Also, how will you use the automatic rebalancing function in liquidity generation? Can you explain the working principles of this function?

Q.2-- TRIFORCE offers Frictionless rewards to token holders. So how long and how much $ TFC will we need to hold in order to be eligible for the reward?

✓$©®BIN®©$✓, [06.04.21 21:12]

🟢 I'm a little confused with TFC $ Transaction Fee, as it is split into a 3% Liquidity Fee, 3% Tax Rate and 3% Burn Fee. Does it mean that the total transaction fee is 9% ? Wouldn't this cause many users to be discouraged by such a high fee?

Wa Zan, [06.04.21 21:12]

Speaking of NFT, what can TRIFORCE offer besides the NFT farm? Do you want to expand into a marketplace for independent artists?

EsrarengizBTC ☕️, [06.04.21 21:12]

Since DeFi and NFT is the latest blockchain technology, how can TRIFORCE create new products by combining these two technologies? Do you have such a purpose?

𝙽𝚘𝚙𝚎 | $INVEST |, [06.04.21 21:12]

Why did you choose the Automatic liquidity generation 3% feature

token holders 3%,

Burn 3%, While $ TFC Tokens are very expensive, and it can hurt investors who buy.

Anatolian Fire, [06.04.21 21:12]

A salient rebalancing mechanism is automatically triggered after every hour, to market buy $TFC.”

Will you have some kind of Rebase mechanism?

Digital Worker, [06.04.21 21:12]

Rebalance functionality is always interesting, but looks a little scary to those who haven't dealt with it. What's the catch? Is it enough for me to just hold your tokens and I'll get rich at a distance?

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:12]

[ Video ]

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:12]

[In reply to Whiskey Dick]




Che Tut, [06.04.21 21:12]

I want to ask about the technical part. In your Rebalancer mechanism the protocol removes 3% of the liquidity (Pancake LP tokens) locked inside the contract. Have you done any tests? Further, the BNB obtained after that is used to market-buy $TFC. How does it look technically? What happens on your backend at this point? Is your rebalancing algorithm written into your contract? Where can I see your contract sources?

🌼 Seoyun 서윤 🌼, [06.04.21 21:12]

TRIFORCE charges a 3% Liquidity Fee, 3% Tax Fee and 3% Incinerate Fee for its tokens. It seems that the reason you created this system is to reduce the supply of tokens in the market.

If the shortage you want to achieve with these cuts exceeds a certain limit and raises the price too much, will you update your system? Otherwise, will these proportions remain the same forever?

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:13]

Thanks so much @jewbynature @calfreezyy @cmantic @migaraX @Whlskey_Dick @devdonatello

That was truly very interesting.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:13]

[In reply to Jewbynature]

This is huge

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:13]

Super deflationary

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:14]

With a hint of gamification :)

Donaatello Dev, [06.04.21 21:16]

[In reply to Ugur Alkoç]

Quick hint: right click the tab in your browser, you are able to mute it there 🙌

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:16]

[In reply to Wa Zan]

Yes already getting clothing made by a actual designer with his own brand that should be out for community in 2 weeks or so no bs with a logo on it lol😂real clothing

Calfreezyy, [06.04.21 21:16]

[In reply to Che Tut]

I will make it simple for you. Please go through our medium article and see the transactions that are happening in the link mentioned above. The "in-transactions" pertain to auto liquidity generation and the "out-transations" refer to the rebalancer function(automatic buyback). (TFC.sol)

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:16]

[In reply to Anatolian Fire]

😏🤫matic bridge hint hint

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:17]

[In reply to 🌼 Seoyun 서윤 🌼]

The reason for the current system is to incentivize HOLDERS and let the community add liquidity to the pool. It is not just to reduce token supply, but to create a self sustaining system that rewards its members

As for the future scenario, you have a valid point

we have already discussed this the core team. The fees is not fixed and may be reduced to 2%, 1% with prior information to the community, depending on the feedback that we receive

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:17]

[In reply to Bian L]

We decided upon Triforce as in the 3 trangles forming one in the Nintendo games Legend of Zelda. Our token is built essentially on a equilateral, 3-sided tax, 3% Deflation, 3% Frictionless rewarding, and 3% liquidity generating. From that point, we have continued to build & evolve the Triforce brand to where it currently stands, and we will continue to do so well into the future

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:19]

[In reply to Anatolian Fire]

Currently no rebasing of supply, just rebalancing of the liquidity. We will over time evolve & bring new utilities & partnerships, one of which I am in discussions with that has a deflationary rebase on total supply only. Something to consider there as a big-time deal could come to fruition

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:19]

Alright Triforce team

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:20]

Best questions for the rewards?

Calfreezyy, [06.04.21 21:20]

[In reply to Che Tut]

che tut for me

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:21]

[In reply to Digital Worker]

Yes.. The frictionless rewards will compound into your wallet directly as you hold tokens.. and I will say that we currently sit at only a $6M market cap for a 4 day old token w/ a liquidity of $1.3M. This will increase.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:21]

1. Che tut - congrats mate

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:22]

2 more :)

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:22]

[In reply to 👽 Mars Crypto Community 🌔]

Deflationary tokens rewards its HOLDERS who have great faith in the project. We wanted to avoid pump and dump scenario, but achieve a organic, sustainable growth

Auto liquidity generation accumulates tokens through 3% liquidity fee. Once it reaches a threshold of 10000 $TFC, it generates Pancake LP Tokens

Rebalancer - executes every hour

- removes 3% of the liquidity (Pancake LP tokens) locked inside the contract. This is broken down into $BNB and $TFC.

- The $BNB so obtained is used to market-buy $TFC.

- 95% of these $TFC tokens are burned and the rest 5% of $TFC is rewarded to the caller of the transaction which invokes the rebalancer

This ensures that scarcity of TFC is continuously boosted

2) There is no minimum $TFC that you need to hold. As long as you hold $TFC in your wallet, you will receive frictionless rewards in proportion to your share of total circulating $TFC tokens

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:23]

[In reply to ✓$©®BIN®©$✓]

All fees can & will be adjusted as we see fit for both the health of the project & our holders. 9% was agreed upon to start with in order to encourage holding, not dumping, and to capture a large portion of the initial volume a project typically sees upon launching

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:24]

[In reply to 𝙽𝚘𝚙𝚎 | $INVEST |]

yes, very valid point

This will be reviewed in the future and the fees are flexible. we listen to the community and if it necessiates a 2% fee, we will pivot to it as well

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:25]

Going to push you now guys, need a 2 & 3

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:26]

[In reply to Ginger X]

Dark Magic, Magic & Axioms are all one of our partners project he has & is currently building. These 3 will soon come to fruition, as he has been working extremely hard there for the past few months. As it stands though, we cannot say much there until it is finalized.

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:27]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

@livelonger06 @feranno

ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 21:27]

Great! Congratulatons guys!

ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 21:27]

That was unbelievable, i thoroughly enjoyed that 👏

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:28]

Guys thank you so much! Wonderful AMA

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:28]

Thank you for having us ladies & gentlemen. We are happy to be here & hope to see many of you in the future

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:28]

1. @mimoho

2. @livelonger06

3. @feranno

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:28]

Congrats folks

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:28]

great questions!!

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:28]

@calfreezyy @cmantic @migaraX @Whlskey_Dick @devdonatello @jewbynature thank you so much guys

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:28]

Thank you guys. It is a new experience for us all. Quite an interesting AMA.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:28]

Thanks again Triforce team @jewbynature @calfreezyy @cmantic @migaraX @Whlskey_Dick @devdonatello

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:29]

If anyone has any further or unanswered questions, please feel free to join our main TG where we will be able to get to each & everyone of you.

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:29]

[ 😍 Sticker ]

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:29]

Any links guys?

Whiskey Dick, [06.04.21 21:29]

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:29]

Before we sign off, please note

TRIFORCE Protocol - Important Links

BUY HERE: (use slippage 10%)

STAKE HERE: (staking 0% fee, unstaking 9%, claim rewards 0% fee)



LIQUIDITY LOCK: (for 1 year with cakesafe lock)

TWITTER: (follow us!)




ALl our infographics are shared on twitter. Do follow us for updates

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:29]

For interested community members

Jewbynature, [06.04.21 21:29]

[In reply to Jamie]

😊❤️no thank u and the @celtycrypto for the opportunity

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:29]

There you are folks, heard it here first

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:29]

Thanks again to our wonderful community

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:29]

We do this for you

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:30]

We review utility gems with large upside potential. We analyse, assess and review them for genuine use cases and do our best to find authentic projects with dedicated development teams. Many of our recent calls have done multiple x's, and this is something our community will attest to. We also host AMA's every week and we encourage real conversation, questions and discussion. If you have any gems you would like us to look at, please mention them in your own words - no copy paste shills, we keep it classy. See pinned for our recent articles.

Cmantic, [06.04.21 21:30]

[In reply to Celty Crypto]

Cheers guys ! Amazing session and diverse questions.

ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 21:30]

Great, thank you to all who tuned in & congratulations to the winners 👏

👽 Mars Crypto Community 🌔, [06.04.21 21:31]

Thanks for Great Ama 👏👏

Anatolian Fire, [06.04.21 21:31]

Very focused AMA thank you

Che Tut, [06.04.21 21:31]

Thanks. Good AMA

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:31]

congrats to winners

Ginger X, [06.04.21 21:34]

Nice ama

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:39]

thanks for tuning in guys

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:39]

more AMAs soon!

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:39]

if you have recommendations for gems please share

Jamie, [06.04.21 21:39]

we love community input

Jordan, [06.04.21 21:44]

Wow what an AMA

Jordan, [06.04.21 21:44]

Great input from everyone

Jordan, [06.04.21 21:44]

Love to see it

defi queen, [06.04.21 21:46]

Great qs guys... Nice to see you ask honest questions and don't just go easy on the debs. TFC thanks for answering everything honestly. I am now v glad I have a small bag and may load up in future

ProReviewCrypto, [06.04.21 21:48]

[In reply to defi queen]

No problem, glad you enjoyed it!

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:49]

[In reply to defi queen]

Thanks Queen, we'll always dig into the tough questions, that's how you really test the mettle of a team and project imo

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:50]

If a team can answer the tough ones honestly and have a good vision and plan in place, then it becomes evident very quickly.

Celty Crypto, [06.04.21 21:51]

I'm holding my TFC bag.

Thanks for reading! As always, this is not financial advice, and please be sure to do your own research before making any investment.

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