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TriForce – May the force be with you?

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Despite following the cryptosphere very closely on an almost hourly basis, I must admit that I am stunned by the rise of some tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. The token I have been most surprised by has to be SafeMoon, which has seemingly taken over the mainstream, even being discussed in worldwide media outlets and receiving celebrity attention. As a result of SafeMoon, the BSC has had a resurgence in popularity, henceforth its native token the BNB has hit recent all-time highs much like the other big hitters in the market such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For every SafeMoon however, there are seemingly many scams, rugpulls and disappointing projects which are trying to cheaply cash in on the hype surrounding the BSC at the moment. Our gem for today is a token that we believe can potentially match the hype of SafeMoon, but also provide our users with a safe token from a trusted team.

This aforementioned gem is none other than Triforce Protocol ($TFC). Triforce is a decentralised protocol that seeks to encompass multi-functional mechanisms using the $TFC token.

The smart contracts allow for Automatic liquidity generation, which is great for the long-term developments of the coin. Holders are given frictionless rewards on each transaction which incentivises investors to hold the token for long periods. There is also a very exciting rebalancer function that automatically burns a percentage of the circulating supply every hour! There are many different factors and levels which can make the supply of Triforce smaller and thus more valuable in the future.

Unlike many of the trendy projects within the BSC currently, Triforce has adopted a small circulating supply of only 10,000,000. This is different to many projects which have recently gone for a much higher supply in the billions and trillions. With such a small supply, it allows for the burns to seem more meaningful and the rewards to feel more rewarding, as earning even on every transaction will feel even better as the supply is burnt up.

To further lock up the Triforce tokens there are also staking options, investors can now stake their $TFC tokens in return for more $TFC tokens on an APY which is yet to be confirmed. Alternatively, there is a second token within the Triforce Ecosystem, Pyukumuk ($pYUK) which can be farmed by staking the $TFC tokens. The $pYUK tokens can then be staked to farm NFTs via a point system if having gaming based NFTs sounds intriguing to you.

The Triforce team consists of veteran investors alongside some talented developers within the space, this allows for a solid project which is not aiming to merely cash in on the hype of other BSC tokens but instead create its own movement. The team are using their experience and talent to deliver something which already has solid foundations as opposed to being a work in progress. For many coins, a lack of development can be its downfall, so it is promising that Triforce has launched already with a staking system and even a confirmed partnership with the team at Axioms / Magic.

We believe the force is certainly with this team and we are excited to see the developments in the forthcoming weeks/days. If you are interested in learning more, please check out the following links:


As always thank you for reading! To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram!

Join our telegram here:


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