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Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports unleash a fantasy sports tech tsunami - Score Coin (SCO)

UFF Sports Announces the Launch of the NFT Ecosystem Coin: Score Coin (SCO)

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It's been just over a year since the blockchain's first sport NFT ecosystem was launched! UFFSports have been in the NFT market way before most, and the information they've gained about the NFT market over the last year and a half has been extremely useful, and their project is launching a full NFT ecosystem this spring. The next move in the NFT space is this platform.

The pre-sale for SCO starts on May 1st and ends on June 1st. 10 million tokens offered at .10c if those sell out, they’ll offer another 2.5m at .15c.

What are NFTs, and how do they work?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital file checked as to its ownership and identity. This verification is carried out with the aid of blockchain technology. Simply put, blockchain technology is an unhackable infrastructure focused on cryptographic mathematics. As a result, you'll hear a lot of "crypto" when it comes to NFTs — crypto-art, crypto-collectibles, and so on.

Score Coin in the World of UFFS

The UFFS score coin (SCO) will be diesel on which the world’s ultimate franchise fantasy sports league runs. It will be the means of transaction and a store of value for everything in the UFRFS world. SCO can be transferred into Zilliqa via ZilSwap. Future exchanges will also trade these tokens.

An in-game secondary token will be issued for each sport. These sports tokens will be used for specific functions and are not transferrable between sports. They can be exchanged within the platform for other sports tokens and used in various DeFi applications.

UFFS Is developing a betting matrix that allows any score coin holder to participate in the ecosystem by staking their SCO for one franchise against another daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly head-to-head play. This enables everyone to be a part of UFFS and create endless possibilities for in-game play based on the performance of your favorite UFFS franchise.

Score Coin (SCO) Stats

Any customer who purchases more than 100,000 SCO during the private sale will receive a limited edition NFT that reflects their first SCO coin, as well as a 3D printed version.

• These NFTS would have a one-of-a-kind serial number

• SCO NFTS will never be produced again

• This service is only applicable to private sales.

Launch of First-Ever NFT Sports Ecosystem

On April 30th, 2021, UFF sports will hold a collectible NFT auction to mark the official launch of the first-ever NFT sports ecosystem. Here are a few points to be noted:

• The first-ever SCO token will be auctioned off.

• The winner will receive 1 SCO plus a digital 3d NFT that reflects this historic coin.

• They will also receive a physical 3d printed version of the coin number 1 NFT with a token serial number.

• This will limit the total supply to 10 Million SCO.

• NFTs with the UFFS, UFHL, and Scouting logos will be auctioned off.

• These will be one-of-a-kind NFTS of these historic logos that will never be duplicated.

Total Circulating Supply Schedule

  • Year 0: 20 million SCO (coin sale)

  • Year 1: 35 million SCO (founders unlock plus DeFi)

  • Year 2: 50 million SCO

  • Year 3: 65 million SCO

  • Year 4: 80 million SCO

  • Year 5: 90 million SCO (coin sale)

10% growth funds are versatile and can be released at any time at the discretion of the founders.

Score Coin (SCO) Supply

At the token generation event, 100 million SCO will be minted. This will be the final SCO supply and will never change.

  • Total SCO supply: 100 Million

  • Founder allocation

  • (4-year vesting period. Tokens released equally over 48 months, starting July 01, 2021): 20 Million

  • Growth, Advisors, and reserves: 10 Million

  • Coin Sale: 20 Million

  • Release Via DeFi Platform: 50 Million

SCO coin Sale Percentile

  • Private sale: 10%

  • Public sale: 10%

  • DeFi Allocation: 50%

  • Founders Allocation: 20%

  • Dev/Advisors/ Reserve: 10%

Thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed the two articles we have written on UFF & its SCO token. To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram! This is where we share our knowledge first!

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