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Unizen - The future of crypto exchanges

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Investors are consistently devoting their time to try and keep up with the current digital market niche conditions. At the same time, they are trying different multiple exchanges with a view to improving their revenue streams. I have to say that it is always a risky activity, stressful and time consuming hence not efficient for investment. Investors can now smile with the new platform at Unizen where all the digital assets are made available under one roof. This is a newly introduced class of digital asset exchange that provides global investors with access to efficient blockchain projects via the combined functionality of secured DEX, CEX, and AI- driven social sentiment indicators, and Binance-level liquidity. All these are conveniently found under one roof with high regulatory compliance, fast listing times, and highly competitive listing and trading fees.

What is ZCX - UNIZEN?

ZCX is an exchange-based utility token that is created within the Etherium blockchain as an Etherium request for comment (ERC-20) token, that is a blockchain based asset with similar functionality as the bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash. This cryptocurrency (Unizen) exchange therefore takes place on top of Binance clouds trading security infrastructure.

How does it work?

Unizen Exchange’s centralized liquidity and platform is powered by Binance infrastructure, which is a platform where investors trade their Cryptos, and liquidity to enable a ZEN state of mind to investors, that is a mind not fixed and occupied by thoughts but rather open to everything.

Advantages of the Binance infrastructure

Binance infrastructure allows smooth operations when it matters the most, and highly responsive to UI at tremendous load. This platform is also capable of absorbing orders with large transaction volumes, and shared trading liquidity and depth with Binance directly. Talking of security, this infrastructure’s security is on another level. It has advanced security measures that have been withstanding millions of malicious attempts by hackers for many years hence investors are guaranteed safety.

What investors stand to benefit from this platform

The platform offers an exchange governance to empower a decentralized community towards making key decisions in the Unizen exchange such as the customization of Unizen’s UI, augmenting the roadmap itself, and listing votes pre-identified candidates. Another vital aspect is the dynamic multi-asset staking, where ZCX holders have the ability to stake their tokens to earn a variety of other tokens assets. The trading fees are reduced and automatically deducted from an investor’s ZCX holdings in the CEXs module wallet, which lends itself great trading discounts within the platform. Staking ZCX also aims to earn tickets to stakers & allowing the opportunity to invest in early rounds of ZenX projects accompanied with Unizen hosted IEO’s in the future.

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