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upBNB - Paving the way to exploit permanently locked liquidity

Hello! Welcome to professionals review, I just want to start of by saying we hope you enjoy the article! This is not financial advice and please always do your own research before investing. If you want to see more like this and our upcoming AMA's join our telegram group:

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Lets dig in!

The proven developers of Rootkit have launched a new ecosystem upBNB.

upBNB is available now on Pancake Swap v2.

upBNB token is the first BSC token launched in the upOnly ecosystem that leverages the ERC-31337 protocol to unlock new possibilities. Sellers help fill a vault which is used for buybacks, so they are continuously increasing the price flow. The overall structure of upBNB is quite complex but appears to have a solid foundation by experienced developers.

upBNB applies the Core (cvault finance) concept of deflationary. Using the self-sustaining vault via ERC-31337 protocol, big brain devs have paved the way to exploit permanently locked liquidity. It accesses the value to pump the token. upBNB utilizes liquidity from underneath a price floor and then enables it to buy back again. By doing this, the liquidity will be recycled back to its holders.

upBNB has the potential to carve the path for upTokens on the Binance Smart Chain. upBNB works on two mechanisms i-e buybacks and price floor.


The buyback strategy allows upBNB to upward momentum by killing dips. Therefore, the value of the token rises. Buybacks are funded by which consumers can re-use the locked liquidity to purchase tokens. It works on the ERC-31337 protocol. The tax on sales is added to the buy vault that powers the buyback. There is no specific time for buybacks; they can repeatedly happen when they are most-awaited and least expected. But whenever they happen, they will be added to your gains.

So, when people or the market is dumping, upBNB will use the reserve funds in the liquidity pool to Buy Back and raise the price. So, the price will never go down past the price floor.

2-Price Floor

The supply of tokens decreases when burned from paybacks. According to stats, more than 5% of the original tokens have been burned in the last week. But the ERC-31337 protocol does not let the liquidity pool change by creating a floor price. This floor price keeps the value of the token safe from deflation. It means, no matter how many tokens are burnt, upBNB, unlike other tokens, will always have some value. The protocol recycles the liquidity below the price floor into Buybacks that can make the prices even higher.

Wealth creation and long-term holdings are goals of upBNB. The same technology is applied on Rootkit which made 25 times gains. Users can buy and hold upBNB tokens, which will make a tax on sales and no tax on buyers.

Buy at a Better Price:

There is also an aspect that if the price of token never goes down, you will always buy at ALL-TIME HIGHS and will never get a good entrance. Therefore, the team does not crush every dip and allow the customers to buy at a better price before starting the next buybacks round.

The Bottom Line:

The dev team is constructing a complete ecosystem for future BSC upTokens, where upBNB will be the top of the ladder.

upBNB is genuinely a revolutionary token with a unique approach of combatting dumps and whale drops.

This project is new, with promised developers and a unique idea of tokenomics that will revolutionize the entire crypto industry. The community of upBNB is increasing. Join the community, buy it now and become a part of a seamless revolution!

More information available on Coin Gecko -

Thank you for reading! Please do your own reading, this does not constitute as financial advice.

Again, if you want to see more like this and our upcoming AMA's then please join our telegram community over at


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