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Visor - Introducing NFT Smart Vaults

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Why trade through Visor Finance?

Many people come to Cryptocurrency because the volatility is exciting. There’s an opportunity for steady long-term returns, and it’s pretty thrilling to watch the incremental growth. The wild swings in Crypto also mean that you’ve got a chance to make serious gains.

Trying to get returns from multiple trading investments across different tokens can be very challenging. You’ll need constant monitoring; thorough research, and you must be up to speed with the latest info and news. Many Crypto investors fail in such rudimentary tasks.

You can make meaningful returns through a Visor vault, a fully automated platform that takes over and ensures you’ve great returns.

What is a Visor vault?

This is an NFT personal Volt where you deposit your assets to interact safely with external Defi protocols and smart contracts. This is such a revolutionary invention to the new Defi ecosystem and allows you to have greater control over your assets. The Visor Vault also allows cheaper and faster interactions through asset permissions. Unlike the traditional vaults, Visor Vault will enable you to perform many actions just by signing, and here you’re free to subscribe or unsubscribe gaslessly to the available Hypervisors.

The Visor Hypervisor?

Also referred to as virtual machine monitor or VMM is software that runs on virtual machines. Through a hypervisor, a host computer supports multiple guest virtual machines by sharing its resources virtually. It’s an emulator of a kind, computer software that creates and runs virtual machines.

A Visor Hypervisor is a smart contract that is VisorVisor compatible and interacts with Visor Vaults and assets. For instance, in the reward program phase 1, four hypervisors interact with Visor Vaults, and every Hypervisor reads the number of assets in the visor vault and pays accordingly.

The Visor Supervisor?

Simply put, a hypervisor contract with a controller is referred to as a Supervisor. The controllers play the role of updating defined variables to implement strategies and manage assets on the Hypervisor contract.

The Visor Smart Vault Upgrade

Visor Finance is in the process of upgrading the NFT Smart Vault interface, and the new features will allow future innovations to be made by deploying Hypervisors. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to develop a supervisor or Hypervisor contract compatible with Visor Vault.

The new Vault features include; permissions, timelocks, transfer functions, gasless subscription function, and approvals. With the upgrades, it doesn’t matter what DeFi strategy you want to develop through Hypervisor, the Visor Vault compatibility is assured.

The addition of the ERC-777 hook is another exciting feature that allows for automated transactions. Thus as a user, you can send tokens to the Vault directly, and that in turn triggers actions from the Hypervisors you’re subscribed to. More details will be coming on this seamless migration, and this will take place on the Visor dashboard.

How about the Uniswap supervisor?

The Visor Uniswap supervisor utilizes the v3 active liquidity provisions to manage LP positions on your behalf. Unlike in the first Uniswap Supervisor, the new one will allow for the creation of the top 15 LP pairs. Thus users can take advantage of the actively managed Uniswap v3 positions.

As a Visa Vault owner, you’ll need to deposit your base assets in your Vault and allow Visor to enter their assets in the rightful Uniswap v3 LP NFT position. Visor periodically reinvests the fees, and the participants don’t need to pay for gas.

Visor finance is the next big thing and an excellent opportunity for every investor who wants to get value from their crypto investment.

To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram! This is where we share our knowledge first!

Join our telegram here:

We hope you enjoyed the article!

This does not constitute as financial advice, we recommend you always do your own reading.

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