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WOLFY COIN - The Sleeping Giant

On our search for a hidden gem we found WOLFY coin, a coin that we thought was a meme coin....but actually isn't! Calling it a meme coin is slanderous in our opinion because their new platform which is currently being developed is insane!

Remember when we said it would be a game changer?

Well listen to this......

So upon launch they had one use, buy & earn, at a lovely 2% rate. So you bought WOLFY and after that every transaction that happened the holders receive 2%. Great stuff!

On Monday 8th Feb the owner announced their new innovate idea called Wolfy Street Bets.

Here is the announcement they made:

Thank you for your patience and incredible support since the launch of the $WOLFY project on Wednesday (3rd February 2021). We are now pleased to announce the next phase of the WOLFYCOIN ecosystem that will further reward existing holders and also attract the attention of the wider defi community.

We started WOLFYCOIN with the vision of true decentralization, community governance and real rewards. So far, we the #WOLFPACK have made this a tremendous success through organic growth and by building an excellent, supportive community that believes in this same vision. WOLFY is more than a meme-coin, it’s a movement. A movement that is continuously making noise in all the right places, educating people on our message and creating opportunity for the average investor to earn passive income through frictionless rewards. It symbolises everything a defi project should be and the complete opposite of the traditional financial system.

Now it’s time to take the movement further…INTRODUCING WOLFYSTREETBETS

The Team have been busy the past few days designing a dApp that not only builds upon the current functionality offered, but one that represents the project vision. This dApp will be and will provide $WOLFY holders the opportunity to stake their tokens in predicting whether the DeFi market will outperform the S&P500. Specifically, users will be basing their predictions on the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI — versus the S&P500 index, which is one of the key representations of the traditional financial market.

Here is the dApp breakdown:

• There will be 2 prediction pools, each with different risk/reward protocols so users with different risk profiles are barrierless to participation.

• The prediction pools will ONLY be betting FOR the DeFi market, not against. This represents the vision of DeFi > CeFi for the every-day retail investor. This means the people who represent our vision will be the ones participating in the pools. With the recent WallStreetBets saga, we feel this feature to be not only appropriate but essential in our dApp vision.

• There will be a minimum requirement of $WOLFY tokens held to participate in the pools, this will increase buy pressure for the $WOLFY token.

• We are also exploring the provision of other assets such as $USDC for a user to be able to stake.

• Users will be able to claim their rewards once the pool has ended.

• If both pools happen to loose for that specific period, then the lost tokens staked would be accumulated and held in the contract for winners of the next pool.

• Pools will be open for 7 days at a time, and auto-renewed after rewards are issued to winning stakers. The platform is evergreen!

• Rewards will be % of the tokens the user has staked — enough to outweigh what the user would earn on the 2% frictionless yield over a 7 day period.

• Losses will also be a % of tokens the user has staked. (Yes — there must be losers. This is a prediction platform).

• Exact reward/loss percentages are still being worked out, as this takes deep mathematics to conclude the model upon. We can assure however that rewards will be extremely lucrative relative to the amount staked to incentivise participation.

We are confident that this is a completely new innovation in the DeFi world, something that has never been done before. Users can expect the platform to be Live in about 2–3 weeks; along with a massive upgrade to the website, both in UI and UX. This will be essential to the success of our dApp. I’m sure you can appreciate the complexity and workload for the project, hence the (fair but feasible) timescale. Please note we are still in the early stages of development so the specification listed here may experience some minor changes throughout the development lifecycle.

It’s important to note that this is just the next phase of the WOLFYCOIN ecosystem, with further evolution to come down the road. Upon further maturation of the #WOLFPACK community, we will be releasing a detailed roadmap of all the releases and developments planned for the future for full transparency. The #WOLFPACK community have been amazingly supportive — so we thought you deserved this from us. Without you, we would not have made it this far so we only have you all to thank. We hope you remain in support and a faithful member of the #WOLFPACK.

Join the #WOLFPACK. Let’s make a dent in DeFi!!!

Have you read it? Are you thinking wow? You should be! This concept is totally new & hasn't been done before. You bet weekly and bet's are settled weekly meaning you don't have to leave your WOLFY in the pools for a long period of time!

It's safe to say when this knowledge is more publicly known it will take off! Not to mention the fact it hasn't even launched yet.

With the launch edging closer each day it's only a matter of time before the price will shoot up. Plus they have an upcoming AMA with Gem shots on Monday, Coingecko listing any time soon & some big name promoters on board! Exposure is all it needs and it's rise to power is inevitable.

Price Prediction

This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE but we think that without a shadow of a doubt the price with at least 100x it's ATH and that is being conservative. Why do we think that? Because of it's unique utility, high rewards on offer & because of what it stands for. Stand for Decentralized finance and bet against wall street!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Telegram: @wolfycoin


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