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Wolfy Street Bets - Explained

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Wolfy Street Bets - What is it?

Wolfy Street Bets is a predictive platform that allows $Wolfy holders to stake $Wolfy or Ethereum on the DeFi Pulse Index outperforming the S&P500.

Platform in Detail

Firstly, you must hold a minimum amount of $Wolfy to participate in staking. This will increase buying pressure for the $Wolfy token.

There will be two pools a user can choose to stake in. Each pool will have a different risk/reward. Let us call them low risk and high risk.

Using a ChainLink Oracle data feed, the risk/reward ratio for each pool will be calculated based on the platform’s prediction of how likely DPI is to outperform SPI in the given time period:

  1. High Risk – This pool offers high losses for higher rewards. E.G.

    1. DPI outperforms SPI by 2X.

      1. Gain 25% of staked Wolfy/Ethereum as rewards on pool win.

      2. Lose 30% of staked Wolfy on pool loss.

  2. Low Risk – This pool offers lowers risks for lower rewards. E.G.

    1. DPI outperforms SPI by 1.5X.

      1. Gain 10% of staked Wolfy/Ethereum as rewards on pool win.

      2. Lose 12% of staked Wolfy/Ethereum on pool loss.

The rewards in either pool, will always be more than the 2% frictionless yield you receive from holding $Wolfy.

There will be a maximum amount of Wolfy or Ethereum you can stake. This is to ensure the platform stays community focussed and captures the essence of DeFi.

Users will get continued long term value from the dApp as the smart contracts will be upgradeable. This is achieved using OpenZeppelin (an authority for Smart Contract standards), meaning that updates can be deployed for continuous delivery of incremental updates while preserving the state, balance, and address of the $Wolfy blockchain.

Considerations: If the wins outnumber the losses, then liquidity for the winning pool rewards may become a concern. The prediction algorithm will be tested extensively and at scale to ensure the generated pool risk/reward ratios are balanced. The maximum and minimum staking amounts also means that simulations can be run for best and worst case scenarios to ensure the liquidity pool will stay healthy in any scenario.

How to use it

1. Analyse the DeFi Pulse Index against S&P500. UI will have some good charting tools, historic performance and other features to assist with this.

2. Choose a high or low risk pool to stake.

3. Choose the amount of $Wolfy or Ethereum to stake

4. If DeFi outperforms S&P (your pool wins), you get rewarded after the pool ends, based on the pool rewards and the amount of $Wolfy/Ethereum you staked.

Use Cases

  • Accelerated earning from staking $Wolfy.

  • As DeFi becomes adopted by the masses, Wolfy Street Bets would be an invaluable resource for Joe Bloggs with $100 he wants to invest with controllable risk.

  • Want to know how DeFi is doing at a glance? Wolfy Street Bets will show you how it predicts it to perform this week, and how other people have staked it to perform.

  • Even in a bear market, it would be really useful to see if DeFi is going to have a good week because I trust 1000 people's joined predictions more than just my own.

  • If I was a Wall Street trader, I would also be interested in Wolfy Street Bets. As a trader, I know the SPI inside out. If I think it's sideways or going down, I would stake against it in Wolfy Street Bets. This would result in money flowing from CeFi into DeFi as traders attempt to hedge their funds, potentially resulting in mass adoption of DeFi.

Future use cases could expand the platform to include:

  • Additional pools

  • Staking with USDC

  • Additional index pairs

  • Non-index pairs (E.G. BTC/TSLA)

  • Premium product toolset.

I don't know about you but we're completely sold with this project & the Dev. The attraction of their dApp to traders and new users is going to be huge! We predict the masses will flock to Wolfy in their thousands, especially when word gets out via their marketing campaign. The future that is in store for $Wolfy & the pack is jaw dropping & we're glad to have set eyes on them first!

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This is not financial advice, but is the opinion of the author, please do your own research before making any financial investment.

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