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WOLFYCOIN a New Alt Coin Gem.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Through our own research we have been trawling the web for the next big alt coin also known as gem. At first we had little luck, we stumbled across a few that had potential but they lacked in transparency, had gigantic amounts of team tokens & didn't have any plans for the future.

For WOLFY this is clearly the beginning of something huge, upon writing this the community also known as the 'Wolfpack' over on telegram has over 330 members and over 150 holders of the token in less than 24 hours from community driven growth. Looking at these figures shows that this tight knit group are making fierce moves. Wolves are notoriously known for their loyalty and support, it is evident that every member is taking on these characteristics in abundance for the growth of the coin. Mass adoption is near certain in our opinion.

What we looked at when delving a little deeper...

Upon their stealth launch there was no pre-sale & they claimed that there were no team tokens....and this is absolutely true, you can see for yourself through Etherscan. What is also great is that there was no huge whales (large holders) that bought in early, meaning not one person can affect the price dramatically. This shows their sustainability & transparency to set out to achieve what they say. 2% of all transactions go to their holders, getting in early with tokenomics like this you can quickly stack up your WOLFYCOINS simply by holding.

Since finding 'Wolfy' and his pack, we reached out to the team and we can confirm they have big plans lined up in the future. I am not allowed to reveal their plans today..... but what i can say is that the team is adding a real, valuable utility / use-case to the token that other meme coins back. Impressed? we certainly are. This isn't your average meme coin, after this we asked ourselves, is it even a meme coin?

This is only the beginning for the wolfpack & it could be a huge player with their exciting plans & current growth of the pack. The thing with alt coins is the earlier you're in the better your rewards & ROI (return on investment) and this has a lot of potential.

Below is the information we received from the development team.

The Wolf – the predatorial ancestor of the Dog. Wolves are complex, highly intelligent animals who are caring, playful and above all devoted to family. The wolf howls to communicate and to attract attention of its pack. $WOLFY is the alpha-male leader of our #wolfpack and he is howling at the MOON for the decentralized community to come and join him in the hunt for GAINS. Make #WOLFY go #viral and bring power back to the pack. There is a Big Bad Wolf in Town …Wolfy coin is a completely decentralized deflationary digital currency with frictionless yield and aims to take its place in history. Make #WOLFY break the internet. The community otherwise known as The #Wolfpack, is the beating heart of the project and are invited to help develop and advance Wolfy. Fritcionless Yield 2% transaction tax gets distributed to all holders. Earn WOLFY from every transaction direct to your wallet. Deflationary 1% of all transactions go to the burn address, increasing buy pressure. Tokenomics 1,000,000,000 Total supply 750,000,000 Circulating supply 250,000,000 burn 3% transaction fee - 2% distributed to holders 1% burn LIQUIDITY LOCKED FOREVER NO PRESALE let the power of the pack unleash Website: TG: Twitter: Medium: Uniswap: Liquidity locked: Token burn: Dextools:

If you know crypto then you know it is a volatile market, this is not financial advice and we always recommend that you do you own reading. Check them out and make up your own mind.

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you want to learn more about 5 other crypto coins we found earlier see our first crypto post. If you have any recommendations for other coins then please get in touch. If you subscribe to the site we will send out email notifications on news we find and new gems. If you are new to crypto and don't know where to buy below is a guide & here are our trusted websites.

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