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WolfyStreetBets Introduces World’s First CEFI VS DEFI Prediction Market

With the current massive drops in the crypto sphere, and record losses for bitcoin and ethereum, what better time to release a platform that allows you to bet for or against crypto as a whole?

Using the DeFi Pulse index against the S&P 500, WolfyStreetBets (WSB) platform allows you to hedge a bet in several different categories.

High risk allows you to win 25% in every given time period, while low risk will give you a cool 10% reward.

Either way, whoever wins or loses, the holders win. With 2% of all Wolfy transactions going to the holders through a frictionless yield. That means you get tokens straight to your wallet, no claiming necessary!

There will always be limits in place to keep the platform community focused, and keep whales from manipulating the markets like we see on some bigger crypto economies.

Their goal is to become blockchain agnostic, and with the help of Polygon (earlier matic), they are well on their way.

There are lots of features yet to be announced, and I’m just scraping the surface here. Join the socials and ask if you have any questions. This will definitely be an interesting platform to explore!


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