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WORLD TOKEN AMA Transcript 29 April 2021

To join the action where we discover gems, review their potential, and share our knowledge head over to our community group on telegram!

Join our telegram here:

Lee, [29.04.21 18:59]

Welcome WORLD team, great to have you here tonight!

Lee, [29.04.21 18:59]

Welcome to everyone in the chat, I know you’re looking forward to this one, a lot of you have been requesting this for a while!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:01]

Tonight the format will be as follows, 45 mins of questions from us followed by 15 mins from the community with $50 up for grabs for the best question so have your questions at the ready!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:01]

So let’s get into it!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:01]

So let’s start with the team, how many of you are there & what’s your previous experience?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:07]

[In reply to Lee]

So there is the 3 team members everyone is used to in the chat, (@jiro_wt and @Appa_21)

And we currently have 5 devs onboard, with one as the lead dev for the project :)

My main experience is in retail business (my family business), finance, and cybersecurity in e-commerce. I'm a business grad by degree, but been in crypto since 2015

Jiro is a fine arts major, he takes care of branding and digital marketing, he's had experience handling this for businesses both local and international.

Appa is mainly our head for the mods, and helps facilitate the chat when needed (we all have turns from time to time as well, along with the rest of our community mods)

All of our devs have had previous experience working as full time programmers building websites for mid-large scale businesses. But now most are 100% crypto!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:09]

Wow what a wealth of experience you guys have. You’ve got it all covered!

Did the team start this size or did you expand through growth?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:10]

[In reply to Lee]

the team started with just the lead dev! 3 more were added after we launched (vouched for by our dev), and one more full stack dev has just been fully onboarded recently.

Jordan, [29.04.21 19:12]

Great to see you guys are always looking to grow the project!.. So briefly, what is WORLD in one sentence and what's the vision - An elevator pitch it you will..

World Token, [29.04.21 19:14]

[In reply to Jordan]

World is a crypto e-commerce ecosystem looking to build a strong foundation for both simplicity and security for sales on the blockchain! The goal is to make a seamless yet newbie-friendly experience for the future of crypto based e-commerce.

Lee, [29.04.21 19:16]

That’s incredible, the user experience is so key to mass adoption in my opinion. So you mention e-commerce, what sort of things would we be likely to see on the WORLD market place?

Jordan, [29.04.21 19:16]

+ A question for the techy’s in the room, do you guys follow an agile or a waterfall development process? 😊

World Token, [29.04.21 19:18]

[In reply to Lee]

We're currently partnering with some heavy promoters in the gaming scene, as well as continually reaching out to indie and small to medium sized gaming studios as potential merchants. However this is only our first step. We also have plans to go strong for the adult content creators as they have huge sales commissions going straight to existing platforms (this goes up to 40% per sale)

World Token, [29.04.21 19:20]

[In reply to Jordan]

As for this we tend to fall toward the agile process as we are bouncing between continual testing and development as seen in our testnet, update, testing, update, testing, then we go for an audit when fully tested followed by v1 of mainnet release!

World Token, [29.04.21 19:20]

I believe that having the ability to pivot is extremely important in this space

Lee, [29.04.21 19:21]

Wow great, I see so much potential with the markets your trying to hit.

I’ve seen people compare WORLD to the likes of EBay, would you be looking sell physical products in the future?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:22]

[In reply to Lee]

We are however it's the last phase of our intended release given physical products are where the serious levels of fraud come into play. That's an issue I'd like to nip in the bud before it ever has the chance to become a problem, that's why it is last. Definitely looking to do it though!

Jordan, [29.04.21 19:22]

[In reply to World Token]

Sounds like you've got that covered nice work!.. Absolutely being able to pivot is must!

World Token, [29.04.21 19:24]

[In reply to Jordan]

Thanks and yes markets and long term trends are usually changing so it's always best to be able to stay relevant after all

Lee, [29.04.21 19:24]

[In reply to World Token]

Makes sense, these things take time & you’ve got to get them right!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:25]

So I know the NFT drops for holders was announced recently, can you go into more detail on this?

Jordan, [29.04.21 19:26]

[In reply to World Token]

Relevant whilst staying true to original values is a challenge i think we all face!

World Token, [29.04.21 19:27]

[In reply to Lee]

Sure! There's 3 tiers of drops we're doing and having all 3 in your wallet will get the holder a special badge in their profile on the World marketplace as well as some perks for future drops and some giveaways! We have a long list of promotions planned for these so rest assured anyone who can get their hands on these NFTs coming from us will not be stuck with just limited edition NFTs - they will bring value to holders!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:29]

I love it, that’s great they’ll add value. How are the 3 tiers divided if you will?

Lee, [29.04.21 19:30]

Also can you go into the mechanics of the NFT drops for holders?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:33]

[In reply to Lee]

The 3 tiers right now are divided by how much WORLD is in your wallet (ETH and BSC networks combined). The lowest one from just 50 tokens, the second tier for holders with 50k+ and the highest tier for holders 250k+

Sign ups will open next week, the top 2 tiers will be first come first serve, and the last will be a random raffle for 500 participants. We will announce this date and time for when the forms will be opened up a few days before they open! So I invite everyone interested to keep their eyes peeled on our announcements channel (

Lee, [29.04.21 19:35]

[In reply to World Token]

Great thanks for sharing!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:37]

Just quickly back to the marketplace, on it you can only use WORLD token, will there be scope to add different currencies?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:41]

[In reply to Lee]

right now we are strict on world being involved on all marketplace transactions as that's one of the main utilities of the token. Should there be demand for it, we would look into say allowing ETH then autoconverting it for the seller to receive World. There's also other possibilities of for example another currency being accepted but 3% of those transactions get distributed to WORLD ecosystem (similar to the current 3% tax rate distribution). We're always considering all sorts of future schemes but the only ones that will make it are those that benefit the ecosystem and the community the most. These are just some of the ideas that have come along, so no promises any of them will see the light of day :)

Jordan, [29.04.21 19:42]

WORLD token certainly is unique for where I'm sitting. However, for our audience what makes you really stand out from your competitors?

Lee, [29.04.21 19:43]

[In reply to World Token]

That’s awesome, yes for sure you’ve got to make sure anything additional benefits your community first and foremost! I’m really excited to see the future of WORLD I must say.

World Token, [29.04.21 19:47]

[In reply to Jordan]

A marketplace is only as good as its participants. So as great as frictionless yields on a marketplace is, the main driving force between us and others will be key merchants and partners who will help us become one of the dominating driving forces in the space. To aid this, we've been busy in the background talking to both potential merchants and marketers to help us get the exposure to seriously bring in both sellers and consumers to the platform, as more potential consumers lead to bringing in more merchants, which lead to more consumers, and so on. The back end is busy getting that all set up properly and soon we'll be able to release info relating to this.

Only time will truly tell who becomes the dominant force in the future of course!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:47]

Last question before we open the chat for the community questions.

You have done a lot of great work since conception, with listings, marketing, developments & partnerships, so hats off to you! What did catch my attention is your partnership with SPI, can you give the community a brief intro what this means for WORLD?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:50]

[In reply to Lee]

Our partnership with SPI provides new utility for WORLD tokens as they can now be used to shop on SPI's platform (Amazon, eBay, Walmart and AliExpress) giving an extra 2% discount to boot! On the administrative side as well, we're sharing resources with each other such as contacts, which is a huge help to us and it helps them move faster in multiple directions since our efforts will be added to theirs. Both projects are in extensive growth behind the scenes and with this we are going to move forward building the future of the space together.

Jordan, [29.04.21 19:51]

[In reply to World Token]

Hit the nail on the head, that is exactly why I see this working! It's a knock on effect with consumers/merchants coinciding with each others interests. I can appreciate it's lots of hard graft gaining the traction but i'm sure after a certain point growth will flourish imo.

Lee, [29.04.21 19:53]

[In reply to World Token]

This is huge, not only the partnership with the 2% discount but the fact you can share contacts as you say! This will allow you to progress so much knowing the right people. I see you guys taking over the WORLD soon 😉

Lee, [29.04.21 19:53]

Thank you for your honest answers, is there anything you would like to share before we open the chat for the community?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:53]

[In reply to Jordan]

Fully agreed! Everyday, we're moving closer to that tipping point

World Token, [29.04.21 19:55]

[In reply to Lee]

I invite all those interested to our main chat,

of course also follow the announcements channel here

Welcome to any new community members we may get from here!

Lee, [29.04.21 19:56]

Great stuff 👍 I’ll now open up the chat briefly, be quick guys!

Digital Worker, [29.04.21 19:56]

What place does the WORLD platform want to take among the current NFT marketplaces?

Filipanso Yuria, [29.04.21 19:56]

In the long run, why should I trust and follow you and this project?also How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors/ partners/customers?

Tell us about your plans for 2021, what are you currently working on, and are you going to expand the list of Tier-1 exchanges?

Ginger X, [29.04.21 19:56]

What killer features will your platform have compared to the competition?

Wa Zan, [29.04.21 19:56]

What technologies and programming languages are used to develop your marketplace?

Serg Ivanko, [29.04.21 19:56]

Is the World Project going to take over the world?

Nikn 1, [29.04.21 19:56]

You develop your merchant system. What bottlenecks have you already solved during development? What challenges remain to be solved?

Bian L, [29.04.21 19:56]

What role do you see for your platform in the decentralized future?

Crypto Bus, [29.04.21 19:56]

How do you want to maintain the liquidity of $WORLD?

Henrik M, [29.04.21 19:56]

What are your plans for the marketing funds? Will you spend a big portion once main net launches or do you see a greater window for it later?

WenMoonSir?, [29.04.21 19:56]

[ 🌚 Sticker ]

🅱️IG HONCHO THE 🅱️ULL, [29.04.21 19:56]

Hi mum

Roman Lidu, [29.04.21 19:56]

Is it safe to say that $WORLD holders are constantly getting rich?

World Token, [29.04.21 19:57]

[In reply to Serg Ivanko]


Lee, [29.04.21 20:00]

Thanks for the questions folks. I know WORLD are very busy & on a tight schedule so they’ll only be answering a select few

World Token, [29.04.21 20:02]

[In reply to Ginger X]

currently we are the only crypto marketplace who even offers escrow with livechat on non-fiat involved sales. Given the nature of cryptocurrencies being irreversible, I don't really see why this isn't the norm however I do see it as an open opportunity for us to make a more secure marketplace. We also have plans to build an ERC20 P2P exchange, which we are also currently the only ones I am aware of who are even considering it.

World Token, [29.04.21 20:04]

[In reply to Digital Worker]

NFT marketplace is just a part of what we're doing however I see a good spot for adult content creators to have all sorts of fun with NFTs and exclusive content with this technology :) We would be more than happy to foster this growth!

Jordan, [29.04.21 20:04]

Really enjoyed the insight from this AMA guys! Re-affirmed some points I already thought!

World Token, [29.04.21 20:04]

[In reply to 🅱️IG HONCHO THE 🅱️ULL]

she says hi

World Token, [29.04.21 20:04]

[In reply to Ginger X]

Please also DM me your BSC address for the $50 of WORLD :)

World Token, [29.04.21 20:05]

[In reply to Jordan]

Some very good questions I was delighted to answer as well! Thank you for having us on!

Lee, [29.04.21 20:05]

Thanks for tuning in folks, we do this for you, make sure to check our site and pinned messages for our latest articles!

Lee, [29.04.21 20:06]

It was great having you! I’m really excited to see what the future holds for WORLD

🅱️IG HONCHO THE 🅱️ULL, [29.04.21 20:06]

Thanks dudes

🌎 Jazz Scatter 🌎, [29.04.21 20:07]

Awesome AMA guys! Love the project ❤️

Noël, [29.04.21 20:07]

Very nice AMA, thanks to world devs 🔥

Die_langeee, [29.04.21 20:07]

Great AMA guys, i'm in love with this project!

Jiro, [29.04.21 20:07]

[ 💙 Sticker ]

Ginger X, [29.04.21 20:07]


SL_ MM, [29.04.21 20:07]

Loved this Ama tbh.

Ceveth, [29.04.21 20:07]

Very nice AMA!

Jordan, [29.04.21 20:08]

[In reply to World Token]

The pleasure was all ours! Good job 👍

Jordan, [29.04.21 20:09]

Hope you enjoyed that people! We certainly did👍

Thank you for tuning into the AMA, make sure you join our TG to see our latest articles & AMA's. We have a lot coming up!

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