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YELD Chart Analysis - Why We're Bullish!

(This is not the official logo of Yeld, this is simply a 3D design we did for this article based on their logo)

What is YELD? First we'll give a brief intro into what YELD is, if you already know, skip this part and head straight to the analysis!

YELD is the next innovation in stablecoin yield farming that generates high, consistent returns for token holders permanently. Three core features make YELD a superior Yield Farming Product: Retirement Treasury, Optimized Yield Farming, and Decreasing Supply.

Core Features Retirement Yield Treasury The Retirement Yield system allows you to earn ETH based on your YELD balance and the current supply in the Retirement Yield Treasury contract in a non-custodial manner.

Optimized Yield Farming To generate high and consistent returns for yield farmers, stakers are rewarded with YELD governance tokens that continuously increase in value given the constantly reducing supply. Additionally, staked portfolios are rebalanced to generate the best APY from a variety of lending protocols such as Aave, Compound, etc.

Decreasing Supply YELD uses a new buy & burn algorithm that splits the daily yield generated in half to automatically buy ETH and exchange it for YELD tokens on Uniswap. Those YELD tokens are burned to reduce the total supply, resulting in an instant price increase. The total supply of YELD will continue to decrease until it reaches 10,000 YELD from the initial total supply of 60,000 YELD.


  • Total supply: 60,000 YELD (No more tokens can be minted)

  • Circulating Supply: ~40,000 YELD

  • Reward Pool: 20,000 YELD

Chart Analysis

The first chart shows the recent run when $YELD woke up on 17th January. It is within a bullish descending wedge, hitting a recent high of around 94 before setting the current uptrend. On 12th February, after a brief period of consolidation, $YELD began a parabolic rise to tighten the wedge, setting a new uptrend back to the top. It bounced off the bottom of the tighter wedge with volume twice, indicating bullish momentum building for a possible break up at the target marked.

A break of the target means $YELD is aiming for a test of ATH (2nd chart) around 405. This would be an 8x from here. Conservative timeline for this scenario would be within 1 month.

If it bounces down off the target in the first chart and fail to break up the wedge, I would be confident in saying that the support would hold like it did twice before and bounce with enough volume to provide a second chance to break up from the wedge to test ATH.

Finally, here is our curve and projection! Need we say more?

Here are few more reasons why you should pay attention the YELD.

The ATH was $400 It currently sits at $51 & this beauty has the potential to be worth well over $1000 per Yeld! Why do we say this? First off their Buy & Burn mechanism reduces its supply while increasing its price, it is becoming scarce! Secondly they have recently launched their V4 update & with it they have built a stronger and more effective stablecoin staking platform with some of the highest yields in the DeFi space on average! So when the market takes a turn & heads back down, whales will be putting their stable coins to use by staking them! Where will they go?....Most likely to Yeld! Simply because they offer some of the highest yields, which is why we think Yeld is on a sure path to the stars!

We doubt you need much more confirmation but here's a little more.

They have plans to grow the team to increase their development efforts, marketing presence and define their place in DeFi. So let’s not think of Yeld as a singular platform, but as a platform of growth.

The following plans are in the works:

  • All contract code will be audited (currently in progress for v4)

  • An updated and better Retirement Fund contract

  • New token mechanics to benefit their holders and stakers

  • Explorations into ways to bring NFTs to YELD

  • Increased marketing efforts that have already begun.

We really hope you enjoyed this article, we enjoyed writing it on such as fantastic project!

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Please do your own reading as this is not financial advice.

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